Poco X3, low-cost price and top camera

Poco X3 is the new Chinese low-cost smartphone: on board a Snapdragon chipset with 64-megapixel main camera

A new low-cost smartphone from the Poco brand, part of the Xiaomi family, is on its way. The Poco X3 despite the cheap price promises a top camera, with a 64-megapixel main sensor. Confirming the rumors about the camera was the company's own executive on Twitter.

Poco is a company that is part of the universe Xiaomi and just a few months ago launched the Poco X2 on the market. Now its successor, the Poco X3, seems to be close to launch, especially after Angus Kai Ho Ng, the company's Product Marketing Manager and global spokesperson, posted a tweet showing off the low-cost phone's camera. The image confirms the rumors about the 64-megapixel resolution and the executive also launched a poll: providing 4 different designs of the camera compartment, he asked users to guess which configuration will be on the lowcost smartphone.

Poco X3, a top camera

The first rumors about the presence of a 64-megapixel camera for Poco X3 came from the FCC certification in the United States. Among the features, the certification had also included artificial intelligence to improve the user experience of the bundled camera. Providing new rumors is Kai Ho Ng on Twitter, who confirmed the resolution. The photo posted on the social network also provides a quick look at the interface, showing some of the options to customize the shots, such as Pro mode or the ability to adjust the exposure value, ISO and even white balance.

Poco X3, launch and other features

In addition to details about the camera, Kai Ho Ng on Twitter also revealed the features of the charging system. The new Poco X3 will support fast charging which allows you to perform a full battery charge in 65 minutes. The Poco executive also compared the charging experience of the new X3 with the "rival" Samsung Galaxy A71, but he didn't give any indication about the wattage, which according to the FCC certification could be 33 W.

The new Poco X3 could be equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 732 process (which still hasn't made its official debut) and the display could have a 120 Hz refresh rate. Still little is known about the other features, but the launch date would already be set for next September 8. We just have to wait to know everything about the new low-cost smartphone.