Podcasts arrive on Amazon Music: how to listen to them

Now there are hundreds of thousands of podcasts in the Amazon Music catalog: you can listen to them anywhere, even offline.

The news was in the air for some time, but only now it's official: the music streaming service Amazon Music now offers its users the rich catalog of podcasts from Audible, the leading platform in the industry and purchased by Amazon back in 2008. A new selection of podcasts is also available to the Italian audience on the Amazon Music website and app.

Amazon will offer Amazon Music users both the existing catalog and new original shows produced exclusively by top podcasters for the platform. All of this is seamlessly integrated, and this is perhaps the most interesting news for podcast lovers, into the Amazon Alexa smart ecosystem. This means that the possibilities and ways to listen to podcasts are multiplied, which also benefits creators who can now greatly increase their audience. So it seems that the moment of glory has finally arrived for this audio format of entertainment and information, which has existed for years but has long remained in a niche. From today, podcasts become mainstream.

Podcasts anywhere, anytime

Including podcasts in the Amazon Music offer means making them available through the smartphone app, but also through Echo smart speakers and other devices compatible with the Alexa ecosystem. Translated into practical terms it means being able to start listening to a podcast from your cell phone, perhaps while on the train or subway, and finish it at home, comfortably seated on the couch in front of a TV with Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Just ask the smart speaker to continue playing the episode: Alexa will pick up exactly where we left off. You'll also be able to download podcasts, to listen to them when we're offline.

How to listen to podcasts on Amazon Music

Also in Italy, both in the app and on the Amazon Music website, you can already find the new Podcasts section from which you can choose one of the many podcasts in Italian, from the Audible catalog.

In addition to Italy, podcasts have been included in Amazon Music in 10 other countries: United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, India and Japan.

In all these countries the user who wants to enter the world of podcasts will not have to do anything other than subscribe to Amazon Music (perhaps taking advantage of the offer for 3 months of Amazon Music Unlimited for free): this will be enough to start browsing through a huge catalog of podcasts.

Try Amazon Music HD for 3 months free with the podcasts included in the subscription

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