Pokemon GO, the long-awaited update arrives: new eighty pokemon

Niantic releases a substantial update for Pokemon Go introducing eighty new Pokemon and other small news

With a little 'late than expected Niantic releases the update that all fans of Pokemon Go were waiting for: the U.S. software house introduces eighty new pokemon that will allow gamers to return to the street to launch their Pokeball.

The new eighty pokemon are part of the gold and silver series and go to cover almost the total number of monsters available (the two series have a total of one hundred pokemon). Compared to initial promises, Niantic has taken a few months more in introducing new Pokemon to capture. Lately, the video game was suffering a decline in users and the U.S. company was forced to accelerate the release. In addition, with the latest update have been introduced innovations with regard to the customization of clothing and accessories of their trainer.

What are the eighty new Pokemon introduced

(Taken from YouTube)

Between the eighty new pets introduced to Pokemon Go, users will find Chikorita, Cyndaquil and Totodile and all their transformations. The new Pokemon can be used immediately to fight and conquer new gyms. In addition, to facilitate the capture of the most powerful Pokemon and "bizzosi" Niantic has also introduced two new types of berries: Baccabana to slow the movement of Pokemon and Baccananas to double the number of candy earned after the capture of the animal.

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