Pokémon turns 25 and celebrates with Katy Perry

Pokémon turns 25 and the celebrations begin: a year of exclusive events and the musical project P25 with pop stars like Katy Perry

Pokémon celebrates its first 25 years and, for a proper celebration, they have chosen Katy Perry as godmother of the musical events that will be held soon. To launch the news, the company has published a short video in which the pop star is the undisputed protagonist, all waiting for more information on what will be its contribution to the celebrations.

It all began in Japan in 1996 when, well twenty-five years ago, were launched Pokémon Red Version and Pokémon Blue Version for Nintendo Game Boy, known by the general public with the nicknames Pokémon Red and Blue. These were the first two video games of the very long series of official video games and spin-offs completely dedicated to the collection of the small but powerful monsters of the franchise. Only two years later, in 1998, the characters have landed in America, followed by Europe in 1999, marking the beginning of what has become over time a real Pokémon mania.

Pokémon and Katy Perry, a year-long celebration 

For a year-long celebration as it should be, the Pokémon Company has chosen the American artist for a series of events that will be celebrated throughout the year. Although there is still no detailed information on what will happen during the musical events, the first information already speaks of special collectible card games, obviously Pokémon-themed.

The collaboration with Katy Perry, already baptized P25 Music, will instead see the collaboration between the Pokémon team and Universal Music Group. From the four-handed work will be born new songs, both by the artist and other exponents related to the record label. The same Perry has declared herself a fan of the franchise, since her young age as recalled in a post published on Twitter.

25 years of Pokémon, what we already know about the celebrations

In addition to musical events there is much to boil in the pot of the Pokémon Company. While waiting to unveil some news about P25, the company has already started a countdown to accompany the Tour of Pokémon GO, the ARG (Alternate Reality Game) introduced in 2016.

On January 19, after a tour of the areas of the world inhabited by these powerful creatures, the event will bring trainers - aka players - of Pokémon GO back to Kanto, the fictional region where the whole story began. In addition to this, fans will be able to celebrate the quarter-century with a special, giant plush toy dedicated to Gengar, the legendary Earth-type Pokémon included in the game's third generation, priced at $250.