Polo Meccatronica, where SMEs 3D print their prototypes

This is an impressive structure that offers numerous services and was created to combine the needs of students and university researchers, companies and startups

When we talk about high technology, our thoughts (rightly) immediately turn to Silicon Valley. Yet, there are many emerging Italian realities in the field of hi-tech. As in the case of the Mechatronics Pole of Rovereto, where small and medium-sized companies print their prototypes in 3D.

This is an imposing and avant-garde structure, which offers many services and was created to combine the needs of students and university researchers, companies and startups, who want to try to realize their ideas. In particular, the ProM - Prototyping Mechatronics Facility, this is the name of the Pole located in the province of Trento, has as its mission to provide a series of advanced technologies for printing new prototypes, which still have very high access costs, especially for SMEs and startups. A place, therefore, where it is possible to realize projects in a more economical way.

The Rovereto Mechatronics Hub

In the hub numerous companies can find hospitality and support. The Rovereto Mechatronics Hub also offers training courses, in collaboration with the ITT Marconi institute, the CFP G. Veronesi center and the University of Trento. A space where to feed the creativity of Italian students. The ProM - Prototyping Mechatronics Facility will become, without doubt, the flagship of Italian technology.

Advanced Machinery

The center in Rovereto, has many advanced machines including 2D and 3D printers and especially the hybrid machining center, a milling system with additive (it can add material) and subtractive (which, instead, eliminates material) features.

Present in the facility are many other devices for use in automation projects, electronics, ITC, testing and more. The ProM - Prototyping Mechatronics Facility represents, therefore, an important hub to build, thanks to the synergy of many figures involved, the Italian hi-tech future.