Poste Mobile goodbye to WindTre, network switches to Vodafone

Poste Mobile's network coverage will be offered by Vodafone and no longer by WindTre. Agreement closed, but still not official

Poste Mobile customers will have a surprise in the coming months: network coverage will switch from WindTre to Vodafone. At least this is what is reported by all the press, although Poste has not yet received official confirmation. According to rumors, Vodafone would have managed to win the competition of WindTre and obtain the supply contract for the telephone network. And it is an important contract, given that Poste Mobile has more than three million active cards throughout Italy.

Poste Mobile, in fact, is the largest Italian virtual telephone operator and thanks to the capillarity of the post offices has managed to grow quickly capturing more and more new users. An agreement that makes happy both the virtual operator, which will be able to count on Vodafone's structures, and Vodafone itself, which thus obtains a very important customer. But the news for Poste don't end here: in fact, the company has announced, this time officially through a press release, to have closed an agreement with TIM to offer ultrabroadbrand connectivity to private and business customers.

Poste Mobile, the network coverage passes to Vodafone: what changes

There is no confirmation yet, but it seems that Vodafone has managed to snatch from WindTre the services to offer network coverage to Poste Mobile. An agreement that partly redesigns the sector of virtual phone operators, in which Poste Mobile is undisputed king with over three million cards.

No official confirmation has yet arrived, but it could arrive in the coming weeks. For users, however, it changes very little on a practical level. The card will always continue to work and there will be no kind of disruption. The only difference could be seen in the quality of signal reception according to different areas. Vodafone, from this point of view, however, should be a certainty.

PostePay, the offers for the fixed network arrive

The other important news for Poste Italiane concerns the agreement with Tim for the fiber connection in homes and offices. The company, through its subsidiary Poste Pay, has decided to focus on TIM fiber optics to offer new rates for the fixed network. In the coming months we will see the first developments of this new corporate partnership.