PosteMobile down again: what’s happening

The operator has problems again: impossible to connect to the Internet, thousands of angry users

Not even two weeks after the last heavy technical down today there are again serious problems, in different parts of Italy, for the virtual phone operator (MVNO) PosteMobile. Numerous reports of failures and malfunctions, starting from 16:00, in all Italian regions including the islands.

As usual, users have flocked to Twitter and Facebook to seek information and receive assistance. To users enraged by the new down on Twitter Poste Mobile recommends to call 160 or enter a chat with an operator on the site to receive assistance. The problem, fortunately, seems to be limited to the mobile Internet connection, while users are still able to make phone calls.

Poste Mobile: where is the most serious down

Milan, Rome, Turin, Bologna, Padua, Florence, Genoa, Naples and Verona are, according to the well known site Downdetector that tracks in real time the reports of down around the world, the cities most affected by the failure of Poste Mobile lines.

As always happens in these cases, however, a higher number of reports in a specific city is simply related to the higher number of users present in that territory.

Poste Mobile: a down every two weeks?

The thing that is making users most angry is that the last big Poste Mobile down dates back to a few days ago: September 28. Other problems with Poste Mobile SIMs, but minor ones, were also recorded on September 30, October 5 and 7.

A streak of malfunctions not indifferent, which is perhaps to be connected to the transition from the network of WindTre to that of Vodafone. A passage announced at the end of July but on which, subsequently, not very precise information has been given.

Poste Mobile, we remind you, is a virtual operator that does not have its own network and relies on that of another operator.