PostePay Down, website and app don’t work: what’s going on

Since mid-morning hundreds of reports: website and app of PostePay and Bancoposta don't allow users to access, impossible to check the account and make payments, problems also with SPID

Update at 13:10 - The down situation of PostePay and Bancoposta is improving, but it's not completely solved yet. Many users affected by the problems report that it is finally possible to access their accounts, but incomplete data is displayed. In any case, it is still not possible to perform any kind of operations, nor to check accounts.

Original article

Today, Monday, December 13, 2021, is a bad day for PostePay and Bancoposta users: since about 11:30 am, in fact, reports of access system malfunctions have been pouring in, with many users trying to figure out what's going on via Poste Italiane's Twitter and Facebook profiles.

At the moment there is no official answer from Poste Italiane, while users complain of a total block starting from the impossibility to access especially from mobile apps: the system answers "Authentication failed", another error reported is "GC01" even if you try to access the SPID. Present, but less numerous, are the reports of those who cannot access from the Poste Italiane website. Consequently, it is impossible to make payments or check the account. The reports come, without distinction, from all over Italy and are not localized.

Poste Pay Down: no official answer

The only social channels through which it is possible to communicate with Poste are the Twitter profile of and the Facebook profiles of and PostePay. On all three of these profiles requests for assistance and clarification regarding the inefficiencies are pouring in, but at the moment no official response has arrived.

We will update this article when more information is available.