PowerPoint, a plugin translates presentations instantly

PowerPoint's feature will allow you to translate several languages, including Italian. The phrases spoken will be transcribed by the feature on the slides

PowerPoint, the program of the Office Suite, has accompanied the presentations of millions of people for years. The software has been updated several times over time. With the latest innovation, Microsoft is ready to introduce a long-awaited feature: real-time translation.

You say a sentence and the intelligent system of the Californian company will translate it simultaneously on the slide. The feature is very useful: it can be used by both speakers and the audience during a presentation to ask questions. More than an update, it is actually a plug-in, that is, an element that adds new functions to the program. The tool will allow the Redmond program to translate several languages simultaneously. The number of idioms that will be possible to translate are 10, including Italian. The other nine are: Arabic, Chinese, obviously English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

The plug-in uses artificial intelligence

The new feature for PowerPoint, still in its early stages, was presented during the first day of Microsoft Build 2017, the usual and annual conference dedicated to developers. The  "Presentation Translator", as the plug-in was called from the stage of the kermesse, revolves around artificial intelligence and, of course, Microsoft Translator. As it was demonstrated, the functionality will allow to transcribe on PowerPoint a presentation introduced by voice. In the example Microsoft used to announce the feature, the system was able to translate from Spanish and Chinese into English.