Prime Video: what’s new in February 2021

Many movies and TV series designed for every taste: from gripping thrillers to comedies and several Italian titles. Here's what to watch this month.

Prime Video has announced what's new for February 2021. The new month includes a long lineup of movies and TV series for all tastes. There are, of course, some original productions, including Soulmates and Tutta colpa di Freud, a TV series based on the Paolo Genovese film of the same name released in 2014.

In February, the streaming platform also gets the great Al Pacino, who plays the lead role in the film Hunters, a dramatic story that tells the story of a group of Nazi hunters. Also back are the new episodes of The Fantastic Mrs. Maisel, dubbed in Italian, and the second season of the series The Family Man. Per chi ama lo sport, e in particolare il ciclismo, arriva il docu-film Il caso Pantani, che tratta le vicende che hanno coinvolto il famoso ciclista. Insomma, sarà un mese davvero ricco di novità, quindi ora non rimane che scoprire nel dettaglio i titoli in arrivo.

Prime Video: nuovi film di febbraio 2021

Gli abbonati a Prime, nel mese di febbraio avranno l’imbarazzo della scelta: arrivano tante pellicole di ogni genere. Tra queste tre sono italiane:

  • Burraco Fatale – 12 febbraio
  • Il Caso Pantani – 14 febbraio
  • Addio al Nubilato – 24 febbraio

Ma tra i film più attesi del 2021 troviamo Anna, diretto da Luc Besson. È un action-movie che racconta la storia di Anna Poliatova, una delle più temute killer russe. Sarà disponibile dal 4 febbraio.

Dal 5 febbraio, invece, potremo vedere Bliss, sicuramente più leggero e romantico del precedente. The two protagonists are played by Salma Hayek and Owen Wilson.

On February 12 exclusively on Prime Video there will be the film The Map of Perfect Tiny Things based on the stories of Lev Grossman. Two boys, condemned to live the same day over and over again, meet and fall in love, turning their lives upside down. Alongside these Prime Original films and exclusives there will be other titles already known to the general public.

Prime Video: TV series coming in February 2021

The first Amazon Original series to debut on the channel will be Soulmates, available from February 8. The story is centered in an imaginary future, when through an algorithm is established the affinity between two people. The test then allows you to find your soul mate, but this discovery has sometimes catastrophic effects on the lives of the characters. It is an anthology mini-series composed of 6 episodes.

From February 12 will be available the second season The Family Man, while on February 19 will debut on the platform El Internado: Las Cumbres. The Spanish series is set in a boarding school surrounded by a mysterious forest full of secrets and dangers that will turn the boys' days into exciting and sometimes terrible adventures.

Among the new releases of the month is the Italian series Tutta Colpa di Freud. Centered on the everyday life of Francesco, a divorced psychoanalyst and father of three daughters, who after several difficulties finds himself taking anxiolytics and going, in turn, in therapy.

The film is directed by Rolando Ravello, while in the cast we find Claudio Bisio, Marta Gastini, Luca Bizzarri, but also Claudia Pandolfi and many others. It will be available in streaming from February 26.