Privacy labels for apps also arrive on Android

Google is also preparing to ask app developers what data they collect from users and, above all, why they do it.

The privacy labels dedicated to apps will soon make their appearance on Big G's virtual store, Google Play. The welcome confirmation comes in these hours from Google that, with this latest introduction, will soon provide its users with a useful tool for the protection of their personal data.

With a post published on the official blog, Google has announced the next implementation going in fact to trace, a handful of months away, a system already used on the App Store, Apple's virtual space dedicated to the purchase of applications for iOS. Through the use of the label system, the user will be able to understand and decide in a judicious way whether to consent to the use of the information, or deny it. Similarly, developers will have the ability to show how and what data is being used, making the gray area that often surrounds privacy clearer.

Privacy labels also on Google Play

As you might guess, the focus of the labels will be on users' personal data. Developers will have to communicate which data is recorded (with clear and targeted indications, such as user name, geolocation, etc.), how it is stored and how it is used in relation to the app in question (if it is necessary to personalize the user experience, etc.).

As always, developers will be responsible for updating these details, as well as the descriptions and accompanying screens. If inaccurate information is found, thus violating the current policy, Google will promptly ask you to change it. Once the measure is in force, all apps, including those of Big G, will have to share what is required and make available a privacy policy that can be consulted by the user.

In addition to what has already been illustrated, developers will be able to add other clarifications such as descriptions of security practices (such as the encryption systems used), and details on the verification of their effectiveness by an independent body. There will also be indications of app compliance with the Families policy, if dedicated to younger children, as well as specifics about the need for personal data to operate the app, the ability to withhold consent, and the requirement for data to be deleted from databases in the event of uninstallation.

Google Privacy Labels, when they'll arrive

As stated by Google, starting in the summer, developers will be able to count on a comprehensive list of requirements and a list of resources to populate the new section. Starting in May 2022, however, all new publishing requests and app updates on Google Play will have to be accompanied by the new privacy information.