Professional hair dryer: guide to choosing the best hair dryer

Do you need to choose a new hair dryer for your salon or do you want to buy one to keep at home? Here's why to opt for a professional one and the qualities to look for

The professional hair dryer is an increasingly popular appliance, not only in hair salons, but also in the homes of consumers. The hair dryer represents, in fact, a fundamental tool for the well-being of the hair and for this reason it is necessary to choose it carefully.

If until a few years ago, the devices were similar to each other, today the market offers many alternatives, thanks to the technological evolution. For example, many products in circulation work thanks to digital motors. Among these, brushless motors stand out, which produce an airflow capable of penetrating quickly, ensuring a quick but at the same time healthy and uniform drying. In addition, the latest models ensure a significant reduction in power consumption compared to traditional ones. In short, the hair dryer can be an ally of beauty and health of the hair, but also a sustainable tool for the environment. You just need to know how to choose the right one.

Why it is important to choose a professional hair dryer

The hair dryer is one of the most widely used tools in the world. We use it after the shower, the bath or simply to shape the hair before going out. That's why we must not underestimate it.

This device emits a jet of air at high temperatures directly on the hair and, if we are not careful in both the choice and the correct way of use, it can damage the structure of the hair and scalp. In some cases, an air jet at too high a temperature can contribute to the onset of disorders, including dandruff or oily hair. No treatment or mask can solve the problems related to a mediocre hair dryer!

Unfortunately, technology comes to our aid: the latest generation models are designed to dry hair perfectly, healthy and without consuming too much energy.

Professional hair dryer: most important features

We are talking about a device created specifically for professionals who, for work, must use it and keep it up for several hours a day. A hair dryer that is too heavy or with a massive structure, difficult to grip, risks causing damage to the musculoskeletal system in the long run. For this reason, a good professional hair dryer should weigh little (less than 300 grams) and be ergonomic. This is the only way to prevent problems with the bones, muscles and arms typical of the professional hairdresser.

The second fundamental quality is the speed of drying, sought after by both hairdressers and ordinary people. There are hair dryers on the market that can complete the job in just a few minutes, even on those with long hair. Of course, the speed of drying must not compromise the health of the hair. And here comes to help the third feature to look for in a good professional hair dryer: the technology used.

Orienting through the functions of a latest generation hair dryer for many could be quite difficult. However, some technologies can really make a difference.

Professional hair dryer: best technologies around

A good professional hair dryer with a brushless motor, today, is the most technologically advanced choice. This type of motor, to understand us, is the same that we find in modern cyclonic vacuum cleaners. It is also preferable to have a model with a good filter that prevents dirt and dust particles from damaging the motor.

If we are going to use the professional hair dryer on the hair after dyeing, then it is important that it is equipped with technology to protect the color. For example, the sealing of the hair cuticles. A good hair dryer, finally, is controlled via a convenient digital interface and allows us to store numerous configurations of power and heat so that we can use it "on the fly" without having to reconfigure it from scratch every time.