Professionisti: come farsi trovare online dai nuovi clienti

I professionisti che offrono un servizio hanno dalla loro parte Internet: con una solida presenza online sarà semplice farsi trovare dai nuovi clienti e fidelizzarli


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Che si tratti di architetti, notai, agenti immobiliari o professionisti che offrono altri servizi, il segreto per ottenere nuovi clienti è farsi trovare online. Word of mouth in 2021 is digital and online customer reviews become the business card for professionals who want to expand their client base.

In addition to creating an ad hoc website that provides the contact details and specializations of the professional, it will be good to take care of the online presence through the creation of social profiles, from Facebook to Google MyBusiness, to be kept constantly updated with information about the services offered, prices and hours of availability. Developing a multi-channel marketing strategy to consolidate your online presence requires an investment of time and money, but using services such as the one offered by PgCasa, you can easily create a card related to your business to show in the virtual shop windows and offer potential customers the opportunity to request quotes online.

Online professionals: the importance of reviews

Increasing your customer base is important and in the digital age even a professional who usually relied on telephone directories will have to build an online presence. There are those who decide to invest in a do-it-yourself website, but it doesn't always turn out to be the best choice for creating their online storefront. Better then to rely on social networks, where to use a well-planned marketing strategy to get maximum visibility between Facebook and Google MyBusiness.

What really matters for an online professional, however, are the reviews left by their customers, especially when it comes to the services offered by professionals. A good review means being perceived as a reliable and capable professional in your field, with a better chance of getting new clients. In the case of negative reviews, however, it will be necessary to verify that they are true, so that you can report them and avoid damage to your reputation.

Professionals and online quotes: how to find new clients

When landing online, it is important for a professional to take advantage of services that help him to expand the pool of interested potential customers and that facilitate the entry into contact. Among the many digital showcases available on the Internet, professionals who choose services such as the one offered by Italiaonline's PgCasa Estimates will be able to count on a personal form.

After registering as a professional, you can indicate the type of services offered so that you can receive requests for online quotes from potential customers directly in the customer area. Professionals will be able to respond to the requests by sending personalized quotes to potential customers and get their contacts to start a new job and make themselves known thanks to the network.