Programs and apps to create videos with photos and music

There are many programs for PC that allow you to create videos with photos and background music, but there are also some apps for smartphones.

Do you want to have many more interactions on social networks or do you simply want to give a nice thought to a relative or a special friend? Make a video with photos and music is the solution that we recommend, because it allows you to quickly communicate the message and, therefore, make more use of the emotions of the recipients.

In this article we recommend the best programs to use to make movies with photos and music impact and meaningful. We also explain how to create them in just a few clicks.

Create videos with music and photos: apps and steps

The best applications for making videos with photos and music quickly, without affecting the quality, are those offered online by various programs and applications that have been very successful in recent years.


This program is a kind of online Windows Movie Maker. It allows you to create videos with photos and music very easily and, most importantly, for free. By the way, Kizoa is available as an app for iOS devices. How to use it? Simple. Just connect to the official website of Kizoa. On the home page you need to register with your email address and password and accept the general terms of use.

After registering, you can enter the "create video" section. From here you can drag and drop photos from your device and add transitions, effects or text to the images. To add music, you can select the tracks in the Kizoa database, dragging the one you want on the photo roll located at the bottom of the interface. Then you just have to save the video and download it or send it by email or publish it directly to Facebook and Youtube.

The free version of Kizoa allows you to download videos up to 2 minutes long with a resolution of up to 720p and a storage capacity of 1 GB.


The Photopeach web service is free to use and allows you to create videos with photos and music in a very easy way with a nice final effect.

As with Kizoa, you need to register an account by connecting to the main page of the site and pressing the "Sign up for free" button. Once the fields are filled in, you will be taken to the photo and video upload page. Press the "Upload Photos" button to enter the photos you want that you have on your computer or that you have on Facebook. Once the upload is complete, we recommend that you check that the photos are in the right place and if not, drag them to the correct location.

In step 2, you can choose the title and music. In "Slideshow Title" you can give your video the name you want and also choose the speed at which the video will play. In "Background Music" you can load your favorite piece of music into the program. Then click on "Finish". You can share it directly with your recipients or you can download it to your computer for free.

Quik - GoPro Video Editor for iOS and Android

So far we have seen software that you can use with your PC, one of which is available as an application. Ora vediamo un’applicazione disponibile soltanto per dispositivi Android e iOS che permette di creare video con foto e musica davvero coinvolgenti. Non a caso, si tratta di una delle applicazioni più scaricate in assoluto in quest’ultimo periodo.

Oltre ad essere compatibile con le fotografie delle fotocamere GoPro, è possibile utilizzare scatti presenti nella propria Galleria, su Dropbox o Google Drive.

Una volta installata sul proprio dispositivo, avviamo l’applicazione e facciamo tap su "Crea un nuovo video". Dopo aver premuto "Consenti", scegliamo le immagini che andranno a comporre il filmato. Dopodiché aggiungiamo un titolo descrittivo del video e premiamo su "Continua". A questo punto possiamo scegliere la traccia musicale, tra quelle presenti nell’applicazione.

Per inviare e salvare il video, bisogna fare tap sull’icona blu della cartella e scegliere una tra le seguenti opzioni:

  • condividi link;
  • invia file;
  • Instagram stories;
  • salva senza condividere.