ProtectPax, the technology that makes the screen indestructible. Photo

ProtectPax is a special liquid that makes the screen of smartphones, tablets and smartwatches virtually indestructible. It is on sale on Kickstarter

When you buy a top of the range smartphone you are making a real investment: it is difficult to spend a sum less than 400 euros and, as in the case of the iPhone 7, it is necessary to spend even more than 900 euros.

After spending a sum like that you try in every way to "pamper" your device and be careful not to scratch even the smallest part of the device. Despite the utmost care, it is not always possible to keep your smartphone intact: even the most trivial fall can damage the shell or break the screen. For this reason, most users buy protective covers and screen protectors to put on the screen of the smartphone, but unfortunately they do not always work. From the United States comes a new technological solution, the ProtectPax, a special liquid also used in the aerospace field.

What is ProtectPax

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ProtectPax is a special liquid glass that allows you to protect smartphones, smartwatches and tablets from scratches and falls. The liquid has already been used in other industries such as aerospace and avian. The liquid is made up of special particles that make the surface of the glass more uniform and practically indestructible.

How ProtectPax works

To use ProtectPax it is necessary to remove any type of screen protector from the screen and clean the display from dust. Then apply the liquid to the whole screen and wait about ten minutes. The operation is completed by cleaning the panel again. It doesn't sound like technology, but it's technology that makes the screen super strong. ProtectPax è un vetro liquido formato da nano particelle di titanio che permettono di rendere più uniforme lo schermo dello smartphone.

ProtectPax può essere utilizzato su qualsiasi tipo di dispositivo: smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, ma anche orologi analogici.

Prezzo e spedizione

ProtectPax è al momento in vendita su Indiegogo, il sito che permette di lanciare campagne di raccolta fondi. Per acquistare una confezione del vetro liquido è necessario spendere 15 dollari (poco meno di quindici euro) e le spedizioni partiranno da aprile 2017.

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