PS5 backward compatibility: everything you need to know

The backward compatibility with PS5 video games will be much more numerous than the 100 titles announced in the presentation. Here's what you need to know

Sony has finally unveiled to the world the PlayStation 5 in a live broadcast on YouTube lasted just under an hour and that has dispelled any doubt, or almost, on the main features of the console. Yes, because among the many innovations announced there is one that is particularly close to the heart of all users, but that perhaps has not been explained in a clear and comprehensive way: we speak of backward compatibility with PS4 games.

During the presentation of the PS5, Mark Cerny (lead system architect of the project) has first referred to the compatibility "with almost all the games in the PS4 catalog", but, later straightened the shot. It will be possible to play with the titles of the past generation using a special mode present on the console that at first will be limited to the best 100 titles released for PS4. A statement on the PlyaStation's official blog provides some clarity: "We are pleased to confirm that the backwards compatibility features are working properly. We recently took a look at the top 100 PS4 titles by total play time and expect almost all of them to be playable on PS5 at launch. More than 4,000 games have been released on PS4 - we will continue testing and over time expand backwards compatibility to more and more titles."

PlayStation 5, how backwards compatibility works with PS4 games

Sony announced that there will be two ad hoc modes on PS5: the "Pro Legacy Mode" tied to titles from the PS4 Pro and the "Legacy Mode" for those from the "regular" PS4. As for the number of titles that will be compatible at the launch of PS5 there is still a lot of confusion: 100, 4,000, 1,000. You will only find out on launch day.

As for possible compatibility with PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 games, there has been no statement from Sony, a sign that the feature has not been developed, at least so far.

PlayStation 5: release date and price

Another sigh of relief for fans. The release of the PlayStation 5, it seems, will not be delayed as it was feared a few weeks ago, a delay that seemed to be due to the difficulties encountered in the procurement of components of the console and for the misunderstandings and changes due to the spread of the epidemic of Coronavirus. The launch is scheduled during the fall of 2020, definitely in advance of the Christmas holidays of which was rumored so much. The exact date and price have yet to be officially announced.