PS5, complicated first year? High price and few consoles available

The price of the PlayStation 5 could be higher than initial expectations and exceed $500. Here's why

The PlayStation 5 continues to make people talk about it despite the fact that it's still a long way away from the official launch scheduled by the holiday season. Today we know almost all the technical features of the console, but what remains to be discovered, in addition to the price, is the design, kept strictly secret. The latest revelations in order of time come from the well-known financial newspaper Bloomberg that, based on anticipations had by people well informed about the facts, said that the PS5 will adopt a launch strategy different from that used for the PlayStation 4. In particular, the price of PS5 will be high and, at least at the beginning, the number of consoles produced will be quite small.

According to the statements of insiders, it seems that the problems caused by the spread of the pandemic has not affected the production of the console, but has caused effects only on promotional campaigns. In short, production yes, promotion no. To avoid new anticipations, Sony is working in great secrecy on the design of the console and could present it at any moment, as it has already done with the DualSense controller.

Sony's plans

According to Bloomberg, Sony would plan to sell between five and six million PlayStation 5 by the end of March 2021, 1.5 million consoles less than the PS4 launch considering the same time period. But how much will the PS5 cost? This figure has not yet been disclosed, many assumptions, but nothing for sure. According to the declarations of game developers for PS5 listened by Bloomberg, the price of the new Japanese console should be between 499 and 549 dollars, a figure higher than expectations, which spoke of a launch price below 400 dollars.  What is the reason for the price increase? On the one hand the blame is on the components chosen by Sony to ensure top performance, on the other hand the "natural" increase caused by Covid-19.

The large-scale production of the PlayStation 5 should start in June in order to ensure a global launch. But for the moment these are just guesses, from Sony there is no official confirmation.