PS5, console features unveiled

According to the latest news, the PS5 could debut with a powerful processor and a super fast SSD. Here are the characteristics of the console

Although Sony has not confirmed or denied, we should by now know all the technical specifications of the Playstation 5. In recent months numerous rumors and rumors have attempted to unveil the characteristics of the new console of the Japanese giant. Information coming from different channels that seem to match each other, however, confirming, unofficially, what will be the characteristics of the PS5.

We know what type of CPU and GPU will be mounted, we are aware of the presence of a super fast SSD hard drive, as well as the arrival of a new DualShock controller with touch functions and sensors to monitor the heartbeat and perspiration of the player in order to improve the gaming experience. We know more or less everything, but on the one hand Sony's silence and constant revelations only add to the confusion. On the other hand, there are missing pieces of the puzzle: some features are still kept strictly secret, such as the design of the console.

PS5: behind schedule

Many people assume that Sony is behind schedule in the production of the PS5 and for this reason nothing has been officially revealed yet. On the one hand the extreme difficulty, confirmed by Sony itself, in finding some components such as chipsets and SSD last generation, the other the spread of Coronavirus.

As if that wasn't enough, as a corollary of these events, we must also consider the cancellation by Sony to a series of important meetings, including the non-participation in PAX East 2020 and the next edition of the Game Developers Conference also because of the Coronavirus. At the moment it is not clear and it is not given to know when Sony will be able to organize a launch event for the PS5.

PlayStation 5 the final specifications according to a leaker

The umpteenth leak, strictly anonymous, spoke of an announcement scheduled for March 3, date expired, of course, and indiscretion also accompanied by the umpteenth list that would put, finally, bare all the most important features of the new PS5. Obviously, as always, this is info to be taken with due caution. Se la data prospettata si è rivelata fasulla potrebbero esserlo anche le specifiche tecniche svelate da questo non ben identificato leaker. Vale comunque la pena dare un’occhiata:

  • GPU RDNA 2 da 13.3TF personalizzata @ 1,7 GHZ con 60 unità di calcolo.
  • CPU AMD Zen2 8 core @ 3.4 GHZ (Sony sta lavorando per aumentarla a 3,7 GHz).
  • Memoria RAM da 16 GB GDDR6 + 4 GB DDR4.
  • Hard disk [email protected]/S @ 1TB.
  • Core audio RT e 3D dedicati.
  • Larghezza di banda di 565 GB.
  • Piena compatibilità digitale con tutte le consolle PlayStation.
  • Dual Shock 5 potenziato con trigger tattili, monitor del battito cardiaco e microfono incorporato.
  • Assistente AI PlayStation che ti consente di cambiare gioco e altre funzioni utilizzando i comandi vocali.

Price PS5

Finally, the leaker  also declared what will be the selling price of the PS5, or $ 499 confirming when we already know for some time in relation to the possible date of release, namely, near the Christmas holidays of 2020. Price, which, however, does not take into account the latest developments in the world market. In the coming weeks we will know more