PS5, DualSense controller also works on Android and PC

Differently from what Sony itself declared, according to a youtuber it is possible to use the DualSense controller not only with the PlayStation 5 but also with many other compatible devices

The DualSense controller of the highly anticipated PlayStation 5 can also be used with Android devices and on PCs. As revealed by some information spread through the network, the new Sony product that will accompany the release of the PS5 will be compatible with many peripherals, including Xbox and Stadia.

To demonstrate the high degree of compatibility of the controller that will be released shortly with the new Japanese jewel was Austin Evans, Californian YouTuber expert and technology enthusiast. Through the video published on the platform, Evans has demonstrated in an exhaustive manner all the features of DualSense, showing the hardware features and deepening the discourse on the design of the back of the controller that shows a texture based on the characteristic symbols that have made unmistakable the style of PlayStation, namely circles, squares, crosses and triangles.

PS5, the DualSense controller and the devices with which to use it

As anticipated, in the video Evans demonstrates how DualSense can be connected to a PC or an Android device. Among the tests carried out, the controller proves to be able to work wirelessly, via Bluetooth, with the Google Pixel 5 smartphone and, subsequently, to be able to execute game movements through a streaming video game with the Xbox Game Streaming app.

If the operation seems to have succeeded without major problems, especially in light of the poor Bluetooth compatibility with regard to latency and key mapping on Android devices, to pay the costs are the new features that would be absent both on systems with the operating system of the green robot as well as on Windows computers. In fact, in both cases neither haptic feedback nor adaptive triggers seem to be recognized.

No wireless but wired connection for Surface Laptop Go, with which the controller interacts correctly but only with the presence of the wire. Not a big consolation but anyway it proves to be another step forward in terms of connectivity outside the products of the company of the Rising Sun.

DualSense: only PS5 in Sony's house?

When Sony declared that DualSense would be compatible exclusively with the new PlayStation 5 console, whose launch is scheduled for November 12 - November 19 for Europe - it was probably referring to its consoles. In fact, as you can see from the video, at this juncture the accounts do not add up at all: the alternatives exist and, albeit limited, allow you to take advantage of the upcoming controller in any case.

The same, unfortunately, does not apply to PlayStation 4 Pro. PS4 Pro, as it happens with the Xbox X Series from Microsoft, is not able to recognize the commands operated by button. Certainly, at least as far as Sony's previous gaming platform is concerned, this could change following the release of new firmware, updates that could certainly be welcomed by owners of consoles from past years.