PS5, final design revealed?

A video has appeared on Twitter showing the PS5. But there are many doubts about the authenticity of the film

Another leak on the next 2020 Sony console, the long-awaited PlayStation 5 that should revolutionize, along with the Xbox Series X from Microsoft, gaming in this decade. This time the leak consists of a 27-second video posted on 9GAG, before and after on Twitter, by the until yesterday unknown user Sm1Le.

From his profile it would seem that Sm1Le, who proceeded to share this video in an infinite number of comments on Twitter, is a Russian boy passionate about gaming. In the posted video, an alleged PlayStation 5 is seen booting up and loading the operating system. Sm1Le comments on the video with a few words, "A first look at the Sony PlayStation 5. And how it loads." In the very few seconds of video, then, we see what should be the final design of the PS5 and the first operations performed by the console until the login screen. It must be said, however, that this video raises more doubts than certainties.

PlayStation 5: how it is made

The design of this alleged PlayStation 5, for what little you see from the video, is very simple and straightforward. Even simpler than that which provides a previous leak, which was based on technical drawings in a patent Sony. The controller that you see, and that should be the Dualshock 5, seems to have a small screen at the top. At the end of the boot you can see an animation on a blue background with the PS5 logo in full view and, immediately after, the main screen with a QR code in the middle and two links at the bottom left with the icons of the Google Play Store and Apple's App Store.

PlayStation 5: doubts about the authenticity of the video

As we said, there are doubts about this video. First of all, the source: Sm1Le, a name that is already a program, a Twitter profile activated in 2013 but that until today counts only 18 followings and 94 followers (most of which arrived in recent hours). Many, then, point out that the PS5 logo does not convince and looks like the logo of the PS3 tampered with. In the video, moreover, seems to hear the sound of a hard drive booting, but we know for sure that the PS5 has an SSD disk and not magnetic. According to some more technical commentators, also on Twitter, the one shown by Sm1Le is nothing more than the boot of a PS3 cleverly "spoofed". Of course no one can know if this leak is really reliable or not, but what is certain is that the most frequent word in the comments to the video is "fake".