PS5, launch at risk: everything postponed to 2021?

The PlayStation 5 launch could be delayed until 2021 due to production delays. And the Coronavirus is to blame

The PlayStation 5 could be delayed and the Coronavirus is solely to blame. The epidemic is beginning to have serious repercussions on the world economy, its ever-widening and rapid spread is actually changing the way industrial production is done and our habits. Many factories continue to work respecting all the measures of the case, while many others have preferred to close creating a series of problems in the production chain.

Unfortunately, even Sony, like most of the world's companies, is paying the price of the spread of Covid-19 and, apparently, its flagship product, expected for the upcoming holiday season of 2020, could suffer an unexpected stop, with the official launch of PS5 postponed even to 2021. For now it is still speculation, but at present the decision would not be surprising at all. After all, Sony had already announced that it had encountered a series of problems due to the supply of the most advanced components of its new console, such as RAM and the powerful CPU, elements already rare because they are used by other competitors and difficult to find following the closure of many factories in China in charge of their production.

PS5: release postponed to 2021?

Apparently, the spread of the Coronavirus epidemic to the rest of the world could result in a significant delay in the production and launch of the new PlayStation 5 that could be postponed to next year. This is what emerges from an analysis carried out by DFC Intelligence and published in the famous financial newspaper Forbes. According to Forbes analysts, Sony could launch its console in 2021 due to delays in the production of the main components.

According to the usual well-informed, Sony could adopt a strategy never applied before, namely to launch a limited amount of PS5 by the end of 2020 and then increase the availability from 2021 when the production and commercial situation worldwide will be, hopefully, restored.

Sony, however, must also reckon with competitors. Microsoft has recently made official with a post on its official blog all the features of the Xbox Series X. An unexpected announcement and that could force the Japanese company to accelerate and announce in a tight turn of mail the characteristics of the PS5.