PS5, new features unveiled: here’s how the console will look like

According to some developers, Sony is hiding some unique features of the PS5. The console will have gigantic dimensions

There are many doubts surrounding the new PlayStation 5: Sony so far has not wanted to reveal key information such as the design, launch date and price of the console. But even the data sheet is complete, at least according to the words coming from some Russian developers who prefer to remain anonymous. The Japanese company, in fact, would be keeping hidden some unique features that will be revealed only in the coming months. The event scheduled for June 4, the day in which Sony was to remove the veil to the PS5 has been postponed to a date to be determined because of the protests broke out in the United States.

And just the design could give some surprises. According to the Russian developers, the PS5 will be completely different from the Xbox Series X (whose shape is more reminiscent of a computer than a console) and will have gigantic dimensions: twice the size of the current PS4 Pro. For the moment these are rumors, but they could become reality if Sony decides to unveil the console in the coming days.

How will the PlayStation 5

Sony is afraid that in these days preceding the presentation of the console, some deep throat can reveal too much information about the console and for this reason is trying in every way to silence possible rumor. But from Russia come rather interesting information about the PS5 and possible features. An anonymous source, in fact, says that Sony would have hidden to the general public some software features of the console that would make it unique.

The other point concerns the design and size of the PlayStation 5. The design should not deviate much from that of previous models: a box with the corners a bit 'rounded. Different discussion regarding the size: the console will be really big, twice as big as the PS4 Pro. The components of the new console are larger and need more space than the models of the past, which is why the PS5 will be really big.

To see if all this is true, we will have to wait a little longer: when Sony will decide to set the new presentation event.