PS5, new previews on the price: here’s how much it costs

New previews on the price of the PS5 have been published on Twitter. The console should be launched at 499 euros, while the price of the Digital Edition will be 399 euros

The price of the PlayStation 5 continues to hold sway in this month of August. Sony is organizing a new State of Play in which it will announce the price and release date of the console, but it has not yet been scheduled (some claim that it will be held on August 27, but there have been no official announcements yet). While waiting for the Japanese company to reveal the price of the new next-generation console, more and more leakers are publishing on their social channels anticipations about the PS5.

The user IronManPS5 has published on Twitter one of the biggest leaks ever made on the PS5, announcing not only the release date and the cost of the new console, but also all the accessories that will be launched by Sony. IronManPS5 in recent months has published several rumors about the new console that have not always turned out to be true. In this case, however, the anticipations about the PlayStation 5 seem to have a little more foundation. These leaks have a lot in common with those published in previous days by Roberto Serrano and of which we have told you in another article. The only difference is the release date of the PS5: for Roberto Serrano the launch will be on November 13, while for IronManPS5 on November 20.

How much will the PS5 cost and all the accessories

Let's start with the juiciest anticipation: the price of the PlayStation 5. The new Sony console should be sold at a price of 499 euros, while the Digital Edition version without Blu-ray player will be priced at 399 euros. These are the same anticipations of Roberto Serrano. The Digital version on which Sony would like to focus more, will cost 100 euros less and to buy games you will have to use online stores or subscribe to video game platforms.

The anticipations published on Twitter by IronManPS5 also contain the prices of the various accessories of the console. The DualSense controller will sell for €69.99, while the wireless stand to charge the joypad will cost €29.99. Sony will also launch a webcam, the HD Camera that will cost 69.99 euros. The PS5 will also be equipped with a pair of wireless headphones: the PULSE 3D that will cost 179 euros. The remote control to manage the infotainment system of the PS5 will cost 29.99 euros and Sony also plans to launch a stand to put the console in an upright position that will cost 19.99 euros.

For 2021 is also expected the arrival of the PlayStation VR2 based on the PS5 and that will cost close to 400 euros.

When will the PlayStation 5 and all the accessories come out

IronManPS5 also provides very precise anticipations on the release of the PS5 and all the accessories: November 20. But it only refers to the North American market, so in Europe and the rest of the World it could come out a few days earlier (in Japan, for example, it could be launched on November 14).

The only accessories to arrive late is the stand to place the console vertically, expected for the 2020 Christmas vacations, and the virtual reality visor that will arrive in the fall of 2021.

The PS5's hidden features

Sony has always confirmed that so far it has not yet revealed all the features of the PlayStation 5. And now IronManPS5 tries to give some previews. For example, the SSD of the console is 825GB, but users will have about 700GB of it to install video games. The rest is taken up by the operating system.

How will the console's packaging be composed? Inside, in addition to the PS5, there will be a DualSense controller, a USB Type-C cable to charge the joypad, power adapter and an HDMI 2.1 cable to connect the console to the TV.

Sony has also developed a new, much more secure browser that users will be able to use while browsing with the console. Finally, users will be able to move all of their content from the PS4 to the PS5 using an Ethernet cable and connecting the same PSN account on both consoles.