PS5 release date pushed back? Here’s why

The PlayStation 5 could debut on the market in December 2020, a few weeks later than its planned Black Friday 2020 release

Bad news for PlayStation fans and enthusiasts. As it turns out, the PS5 may be arriving later than expected. If until a few days ago multiple rumors and rumors appeared online almost for granted the launch of the Japanese console near the Christmas holidays of 2020, now things seem to change. Initially experts and analysts were convinced that the PS5 was launched close to Black Friday 2020 (last week of September), but in recent weeks things are changing.

Exploiting the hype of Black Friday 2020 would help the Japanese company to start with a "bang", but at the moment there is no certainty that the PS5 is ready for the end of November. Sony would be more convinced to wait a few more weeks to launch a stable version of the console. The goal is not to make mistakes that could affect the proper functioning of the console at launch.

PS5: the causes of the delay

According to a recent report released by online magazine TweakTown, which cites an unspecified source close to Sony, the Japanese company is doing everything possible to "keep its promises" and arrive prepared for the launch of the console scheduled for December 2020. This date, however, could be postponed due to a delay caused by the time needed to supply AMD chips useful to produce all PS5s planned for the initial launch. Not only that, the situation would seem more tangled than usual because the Ryzen CPUs are the same that will be used on Project Scarlett, the new Microsoft console, also expected for the end of 2020. Will AMD be able to simultaneously meet the demands of both giants of electronics? For now it is not known and AMD itself has not yet declared anything about it.

PS5: postponed exit?

Of course we are still at the mercy of rumors and nothing is given neither for certain, nor much less for official. The same report, while citing sources close to Sony, could be wrong, not only that, even the company's plans could change over time considering that the time window announced is still very wide.

PS5: backward compatibility

This time the rumor comes directly from the Japanese house. The PlayStation 5 could be launched on the market without the long-awaited backward compatibility. If this were the case, the PS5 would not allow its users to play old, but still current, PlayStation 4 games. But it seems and in the best case scenario, the PlayStation 5 would initially have a very limited library of PS4 games. A library that would be expanded slowly over time tracing the same strategy adopted by Microsoft in fact of backward compatibility.