PS5, unveiled online the price of the console: here’s how much it costs

Amazon France back to the charge: the PlayStation 5 will cost less than 500 euros. Also fixed the cost of the PS5 Digital Edition

The topic that in recent days holds bench in the world Sony is the price of the PlayStation 5. There are many rumors that follow one another day after day and do nothing but confuse people. On the other hand, until the Japanese company does not decide to reveal the official price of the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition, each person can make its considerations and think about what could be the price of launching the console.

At this time the protagonists are the various e-commerce sites that are opening the pre-orders by entering the approximate prices that are, however, very talk about themselves. The first has been Amazon UK that has included in the page of the PS5 a price of £ 599, promptly denied. Then it was the turn of the Play-Asia site that created a page on the console, listing a price of $699. Finally it was the turn of Amazon France. with the PS5 sold at 499.99 euros. But even in this case, the price was removed immediately. Now, the French version of the e-commerce site has again included the price of the console, both in the regular version and for the Digital Edition. And the price might make users happy.

The price of the PlayStation 5

After deleting the price initially inserted, Amazon France is back to the charge and proposes again a price of 499 euros for the version of the PS5 with Blu-Ray. The news concerns the PS5 Digital Edition, whose cost could be 399 euros. If confirmed, it would be a very interesting price that can start the console with a bang. On both models should be present on the SSD disk 1TB, of which 825GB available to download and install video games.

Logically, prices are only indicative and as the previous time could be simple placeholders to give an idea of how much the console could cost. The price of 499 euros, however, is the most likely taking into account the costs of production and marketing that Sony is facing in this period.

When the PlayStation 5 arrives

In addition to the question of price, remains outstanding also that inherent in the release date. We know that it will be released indicatively for the holiday season 2020, but there is still no exact day. It will probably be before Black Friday 2020 scheduled for November 27, 2020.