PS5, unveiled the upcoming games: here are what they are

Sony has unveiled the upcoming games exclusively for PS5 starting in 2021 and the release dates: here are what they are

In the video "New Worlds To Explore" Sony gives fans of its next-gen console information about the upcoming games coming in 2021 exclusively for PS5. An announcement in which users can find not only the title of the video game, but also the release date and get ready to play and enjoy.

The launch of the Xbox X and S Series and that of PlayStation 5 in this 2020 dominated by the Covid-19 pandemic are incredibly close. Microsoft's next-gen consoles hit the market on Nov. 10, while the PS5 arrives Nov. 12 in some regions and then by Nov. 19 will be available elsewhere, including in Italy. If it's still early to make a comparison between the two consoles, Sony seems to want to attract the attention of its users by relying on its exclusive titles and, just the day before the launch of Microsoft's consoles, publishes the games coming in 2021 with the expected release dates, triggering the curiosity of fans.

PS5: Sony unveils the release dates of exclusive games

In the video "New Worlds To Explore" the images of video games are alternated at the bottom of the captions that have not gone unnoticed, indeed. Above all, because they report the name of exclusive games coming and the expected release date.

Many of the new exclusive titles for PS5 will be released in the week of November 12 along with the next-gen console, which in Italy will arrive from November 19. The other titles, however, have been postponed to later dates, probably not to overcrowd the market during the Christmas period and redistributed to keep alive the interest in the various games as they are launched on the market.

In addition, since Sony has stressed several times the backward compatibility of its next-generation console, already from day one will be many titles available for users who want to try the PS5.

PS5, the games and when they arrive

On November 12, the day of the international launch of PS5, the titles will arrive: Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Demon's Souls, Bugsnax and Godfall.

Titles anticipated to the first half of 2021 are Gran Turismo 7, Ratchet& Clank: Rift Apart and Returnal.

Destruction AllStars has been pushed back to February 2021, while Horizon Forbidden West will arrive early in the second half of next year.