PS5, working for full backward compatibility with over 4000 games

The PS4 titles compatible with the PlayStation 5 could be more than 4000, according to the words of Jim Ryan

The release of the PlayStation 5 is getting closer and Sony is working on the last details to launch on the market a product complete in all respects. The first games and design have been shown during the event of June 11 and now remain very few things still to be discovered: price and official release date. Sony, however, is also focusing on other "secondary" aspects of the console, such as the issue of backwards compatibility with PS4 games.

Under this point of view there is a lot of competition with Microsoft that has ensured that the Xbox Series X will have full backwards compatibility with most of the titles released for previous consoles. Sony, in the previous months, had only assured to be working on the functionality, but to need time to offer an impeccable service. The initial idea was to launch the PS5 with a backwards compatibility of a hundred PS4 video games. But things may now have changed and the confirmation comes from Jim Ryan, the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, who heads the Sony project.

PS5, backward compatibility with over 4000 titles

Sony's goal is quite clear: to become the benchmark of next-gen consoles and be one step ahead of Microsoft. And to do so, it must work on many small aspects on which, at the moment, it is slightly behind. And retro compatibility is just one of them. Initially, the Japanese company had leaked the hypothesis that the PS5 would arrive on the market with a maximum of one hundred games of the PS4 compatible with the new console.

Notice that has made many fans turn up their noses, hoping for something better. The negative feedback from users must have made Sony change, as confirmed by the same Jim Ryan in an interview with CNET released after the end of the event on June 11. The PS5, in fact, could arrive on the market with a backwards compatibility with over 4000 titles released for the PS4. For the moment it is excluded that there is also compatibility with video games released for PS3 and earlier versions of the Sony console.