Pubblicità online: come scegliere un publisher e perché è importante

Non basta un pubblico selezionato di potenziali clienti per ottenere i risultati desiderati da una campagna di pubblicità online: cosa sono i publisher e come sceglierli


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L’obiettivo della pubblicità online è raggiungere i potenziali clienti interessati al brand e trasformare quell’interesse in un acquisto. Achieving this goal is not only a matter of audience selection, but also of choosing the right publishers for your advertising campaign.

This is because when setting up an online advertising campaign, the first steps are budgeting and audience profiling. Knowing your potential customers and their buying habits allows you to choose the most suitable advertising format, including banners and videos, to capture their interest. An interest that could more easily translate into a conversion, i.e. a purchase of the product or service offered by the brand. Just as important for an effective marketing strategy is choosing the publishers, i.e. the websites where the display advertising will be published, focusing on those that will attract the audience selected by the brand and give it greater online visibility.

What is a publisher and why is it important

In the world of marketing, the word publisher indicates the publisher or owner of a website that hosts advertising space for banners, thus offering visibility to the products or services of a company. Usually, the sale of advertising space by a publisher can take place in two ways: directly, through agreements with the brand, or through the intermediation of an advertising agency. In both cases, it will be important for the company that the publisher offers high quality content that will attract the interest of users who are also potential customers of the brand, so that the investment in display advertising will guarantee a high conversion rate.

While in the case of direct sales of advertising space it will be the company itself that chooses the publishers of its campaigns, when it relies on an advertising agency it will not be so easy to have control. The risk is that the brand's banners and videos will be published on websites of dubious reputation, which will not only fail to expand the business but also damage the brand's reputation.

How to choose a reliable publisher

A good publisher must have certain characteristics to be chosen by a brand. First of all, he/she should publish content according to a well-planned editorial calendar, possibly agreed upon with the company. In addition, it must offer content that is of high quality, with a tone of voice that is appropriate to the company's product or service and SEO-friendly, in order to optimize it for search engines as well as for the selected audience and ensure maximum online visibility for the brand.

Another important factor is the possibility to geo-localize the publication of display advertising, so that the brand's banners and videos appear on sites that have local, national and international visibility. For example, make-up products will find an interested audience on women's websites, while the sports industry will need websites with a general audience and the ability to appear locally in the vicinity of the brand's headquarters.

When deciding to use a display advertising company, look carefully at the publisher network they have in place. Among the many services on the net is Italiaonline's Visibility on Network, which, thanks to its wide choice of blogs and verticals featuring high-level content, will be able to consolidate the reputation of the brand and reach any kind of audience, both locally and nationally, so as to ensure an effective online presence and the achievement of the objectives set by the company's marketing strategy.