Public Competitions: the advantages of using PEC

Certified Electronic Mail has become indispensable for all those who want to take part in public competitions

Of the various means of communication available today, Certified Electronic Mail is certainly one of the most versatile. The PEC, in fact, can be used in various sectors and for various reasons: there are those who use it to communicate directly with the public administration; those who use it to receive electronic invoices; those who use it as an ecological and economical alternative to the registered letter with return receipt.

The Certified E-Mail, however, can be very useful to those who want to participate in competitions and public tenders and must send their application in a certain and timely manner. In order for the application to be accepted, in fact, it is necessary that the sender can guarantee the inalterability of the content of the documents and that it is sent respecting the timing of the announcement. Specifications that, as known to those who know how the PEC works, are part of the protocols of the Certified Electronic Mail. Here, then, is how to use the PEC to respond to calls for tenders and what are its advantages over other modes of delivery.

PEC to participate in competitions: how it works

Frequently and willingly, the Certified E-Mail can be used to respond to calls for tenders at public institutions, sending the application form and the required attachments to the PEC address of the organization that announces the competition. As it is known, in fact, the certified mail has legal value and can be used instead of the registered letter with return receipt. It will be sufficient to find the PEC address of the institution (in case it is not already present in the announcement) to be able to forward all the documentation.

In other cases, the PEC is a necessary condition to participate in the competition itself. The address is in fact required among the requirements to submit an application, since it will be used to send official communications to the candidate.

PEC to participate in competitions: the advantages

Beyond the mere "regulatory" aspect, the advantages that the PEC guarantees to those who must participate in a public competition are many. First of all, economic: opening a PEC box with Libero Family PEC costs 14.99 euros and allows you to send as many applications as you want. Choosing to send applications and attachments by registered mail, however, you will have to pay a minimum of 5.40 euros for each participation.

The PEC, also gives immediate confirmation of receipt of the message, so you can "correct the shot" in case there was some typing error. If, on the other hand, you make a mistake in entering the postal address, you will lose the possibility of taking part in the competition.

Furthermore, the telematic sending gives the possibility of not having to print anything: all the documents can be filled in and sent in electronic format, thus avoiding waste of paper and ink (or toner) of the printer. An ecological choice, therefore, that will allow to give one's own contribution to the protection of the environment.