Quando arrivano gli occhiali Apple

Si torna a parlare dell'unicorno che tutti attendono: gli occhiali smart di Apple. Questa volta la fonte è affidabile e c'è una data credibile.


Giuseppe Croce Giornalista

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Ormai si contano i mesi: il secondo quarto del 2022 potrebbe segnare l’arrivo degli occhiali Apple per la realtà aumentata. A dirlo è una nota di un esperto del settore, l’ormai arcinoto (e solitamente molto affidabile) analista Ming-Chi Kuo.

A dare la notizia del documento realizzato dall’analista è stato il sito web MacRumors, fornendo interessanti dettagli su quello che sarà il debutto delle speciali lenti di Cupertino. The report focuses the attention on Genius Electronic Optical, supplier of part of the components that will compose the "Apple Glass". The giant led by Tim Cook, however, will not be the only one to take advantage of the knowledge acquired by the company, since always from the note we learn that there will be several products of virtual reality and augmented reality (including those of Facebook and Sony) that will use at least in part the same components.

Apple Glasses, when will they arrive?

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, "Apple will launch AR HMD (head-mounted display) devices in 2Q22. The device will provide a transparent screen AR experience, thus making lenses necessary, and Genius is a key supplier," reads the report. This would be in perfect agreement with what was previously stated by the expert who, in March, had shifted his predictions right to the middle of 2022, after an initial estimate that would have wanted to bring out the first specimens from Cupertino as early as 2021.

As anticipated by some rumors, Apple would be working on a wearable with a very precise shape, to be placed on the head, based on a mixed reality technology. They should instead arrive in 2025, a date certainly not carved in stone, the glasses in the most traditional sense of the term, thin and comparable to a normal pair of prescription lenses. Even, it was hypothesized a call for the keynote of WWDC21 but, among the news, nothing has emerged on the issue.

To weigh on the uncertainty of the timing there would be the distance that usually elapses between the announcement and the launch on the market, time used by developers to adapt their apps to the new platforms. In this case, then, there is also the unknown sales price: it will be, in all likelihood, a very high-end instrument, intended more for a specialized audience than for the common one.

Apple and Genius Electronic Optical

Genius Electronic Optical and Apple, meanwhile, continue to work side by side for the production of an essential element of the next Cupertino's smartphone. In fact, the company will produce the wide-angle and telephoto lenses to be mounted on the next iPhone 13.

The partnership would have been sealed by the misstep of Largan, another supplier of Apple that would not meet the requirements of Cook and partners.