Ranked Mode coming to Fortnite? Epic Games thinks about it

Epic Games opens the Ranked Mode for the Royal Battle, as requested by many players for a long time: but what is it?

The desire of some users of Fortnite (now arrived at season 8), which for months now have been asking for the introduction of Ranked Mode, may soon become reality. It seems that Epic Games is sending a survey to some players and one of the questions reads: "Do you think Fortnite Battle Royal should present a matchmaking that separates new players from those with more experience?"

But what exactly is the Ranked Mode? It is a game mode that would take into account several factors - analyzing skills and characteristics of various players - by matching in-game the most similar users, and consequently with the same skills and power. In simple terms, in this way there would be no risk of playing super-skilled users with novice players.

Obviously, then, that Fortnite fans ask the Ranked Mode, but so far Epic Games had never been exposed in this regard. Until now...