Ranking 2019 Best Android Games

In the beginning there was a snake who loved to go in search of tasty balls to eat. As he ate them, the snake increased in length. We are talking about "Snake", the ancestor of all modern smartphone games. Born in 1977, this game initially installed in the platforms of the famous Commodore, then spread widely in Nokia cell phones and proposed in its various versions. In 2019, with the large-scale diffusion of increasingly powerful and performing smartphones, things have changed a lot, everyone has the opportunity to download free games of various genres with graphics that have little to envy to those proposed by the most advanced computers or consoles of appeal.

After all, we should not be surprised much. Smartphones have become mini portable consoles able to entertain us wherever we are. From the ubiquitous arcade games, to sports games or even games of intelligence such as puzzles, riddles and crossword puzzles, there are many proposals that every day Google Play offers both for adults and children. Specifically, we will focus in this in-depth study in the best games for Android. Let's find out which are the must-have games that you absolutely must have on your smartphone.

1. Uno!

We start with the undisputed king of card games, the game that has ruined more friendships than Monopoly. We're talking about Uno! Here proposed in a special version free to download on Google Play. The novelty of this mobile version, is the division into rooms, each of which can be customized according to the rules that from time to time can be removed or added at will. In this way you can play according to your own rules and make the game unpredictable and incredibly fun. Finally, as in the "material" version, you can choose to play alone or in pairs and choose who will be part of your invincible team.

2. Simpsons: Springfield

Here's another game that you absolutely can't miss in the list of games to download on your Android smartphone. Let's talk about the game Simpsons: Springfield. A nuclear accident has completely destroyed the city of Springfield and your goal will be to rebuild it and repopulate it from scratch. Embark on this new adventure of America's most beloved yellow family, unlock new characters, chat with the population and build your own city of Springfield. You'll be surprised to see how your new town will take on a new life and blossom before your very eyes. Are you ready for this adventure?

3. The Sims Mobile

We are talking about the milestone of role-playing games. The Sims has marked an era and influenced a whole generation. In this new mobile version we find all the protagonists we have already seen in the previous episodes and you will have the possibility to create unique Sims never seen before. Create your own neighborhood, get involved and influence the lifestyle and decisions of your favorite Sims. You'll be able to make decisions about anything: from what color the bedroom will be to the profession they'll do, to the decision of building a large family or not, all in full Sims style. In other words, a game that will win over old and new fans of this legendary game.

4. Candy Crush Saga

Also in this case it is a game that has become cult. We are talking about Candy Crush, the most famous puzzle game starring the famous candies. Started as a "game" on the Facebook platform, over time has become a real saga that over the years has been able to propose many versions. From the soda version, to the jelly version to the recent friends version, Candy Crush is a game for the whole family that will involve both young and old.

5. The Adventures of Frozen 2: a match-3 game

From the recently released movie Frozen 2, here's a little gem that will win over the youngest ones in particular. Set off with Elsa and Anna to discover this exciting new adventure, meet new characters and solve increasingly difficult puzzles. Will you be able to make it to the end? You just have to find out.

6. Disney Magic Kingdoms

We continue in the Disney vein by telling you about a game suitable for all ages. With Disney Magic Kingdoms, you'll have the opportunity to build your own fantastic theme park. Meet the characters that made you dream as a child. From Mickey Mouse, to the Little Mermaid, to Beauty and the Beast, to more recent characters such as the protagonists of Wreck-it Ralph, Big Hero 6 or even the characters of the Star Wars saga. Collect from over 150 Disney characters, play in special events, relive the most special moments with your Disney characters and much more. A must-have game that is sure to make you daydream.

7. Cooking Mama: Let's Cook

Cooking Mama: Let's Cook, among cooking games, is definitely the most famous and also the most addictive. Have fun cooking new and tasty dishes, visit the happy village, grow the freshest vegetables, catch the best and most valuable fish, take care of your pasture and serve your restaurant guests the best food. Beware, however, that in order to have a happy clientele, service and punctuality must also be taken care of to the maximum. Try your hand at more and more advanced levels and break new records.

8. Codycross: Crossword Puzzles

Crossword puzzles are an ageless pastime that has always fascinated young and old alike. In Codycross they are presented in an animated and colorful version. Start a fantastic journey to discover the most significant moments in human history and the most important inventions that have revolutionized science and technology. Play alone or with friends, take on exciting challenges, explore over 1,000 levels in the game, break records and win lots of prizes. Are you ready to immerse yourself in this new exciting adventure? All you have to do is download Codycross and get started.

9. Mario Kart Tour

Do you love wild races and chases? Are you a big fan of the Nintendo world and have never missed a game from the Super Mario series? The mobile version of Mario Kart has finally arrived, here proposed in a brand new special edition. What makes Mario Kart Tour a must-have download? Without a doubt the thousands of proposals that the application offers every day and that periodically change. This is to offer the player new experiences and prevent him from getting too bored.

Travel around the world with Mario and his friends, play special events and collect more and more powerful characters and vehicles. There's nothing left to do but train and break new records. The more points you get, the more prizes and benefits you'll earn for the next race. A game that will be able to bewitch the youngest, but doesn't disdain to wink at the old nostalgics who grew up Mario Kart.

10. Pyramid Solitaire Saga

When we are looking for a thoughtful moment all to ourselves, or when our head simply needs to disconnect from the frenzy of the world that revolves around us, there is no better idea than to play a nice game of solitaire. Solitaire specifically, is here proposed in Pyramid Solitaire Saga, a sparkling colorful version of solitaire that will discover and accompany you in your moments of relaxation. Visit new worlds, play alone or in company and try to achieve more and more ambitious goals, beating new and exciting records. Are you ready to play smart, reach new limits and put yourself to the test? Find out how far you can go with Pyramid Solitaire Saga.

11. Angry Birds: Dream Blast

Now let's talk about what Google Play has voted as the best game of 2019. Again, your mission will be to solve new and fun puzzles. Meet the world's most famous angry birds, pop colorful bubbles and master invincible powers that will make you a real ace in this game. Level up, rescue endangered eggs and earn coveted power-ups.

12. Toy Story Drop

Let's stay in the puzzle games, telling you about another must-have Disney-themed game. If you were moved by watching the fourth and last film in the saga of children's favorite toys, you'll love Toy Story Drop, a game of the Match-3 type that will appeal to younger children, but will also make those who grew up with Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Mr Potato Head and all the other idols of this legendary saga take a leap back in time. Explore new worlds, unlock many different characters and develop special powers. In toy story you can do this and much more. Are you ready to get started?

Whichever choice you make, the important thing is to have the same fun as when you were a kid, and to learn from time to time not to take yourself too seriously. As Antoine de Saint-Exupéry said, "All of us have been children, but only a few of us remember that."