Ranking of the best apps to learn English

We live in a world where learning English is now indispensable, not only from a scholastic point of view, but also from a professional and social one. Imagine, for example, that you have to take a trip to a foreign country and you need to ask for basic information such as directions or what to visit or the best restaurants where to taste traditional local dishes. Imagine also having to deal with potential foreign customers and needing to be able to communicate with them in just a few simple sentences without constantly needing an interpreter for both written and spoken communication.

Finally, if you're a keen filmmaker and never miss the latest international TV series, learning English can be an extra opportunity to get even more live in the atmosphere of the characters and enjoy even more the performances of your favorite actors. These are just some of the examples of how learning English today can only be beneficial to your education. Often, however, what holds us back is the limited availability of both time and money. For this reason, over the years, apps have been developed that make it easier to learn English in a simple, fun and, above all, effortless way. Let's find out which are the best apps for studying English.


Let's start right away with the app that is perhaps the most suitable for studying English from scratch.

We're talking about Duolinguo, an app designed to help you learn English without too much effort, also thanks to the many daily lessons that last from a few minutes to a maximum of about fifteen to twenty minutes.

What makes Duolinguo really versatile is that it's structured like a game. Each module is designed with a series of quizzes at the end of which a final test will be given. Needless to say, passing the final test will make you level up and encourage you to achieve new goals and new results. Duolinguo is also perfect for those who are looking for a quick-to-use application to keep their language skills up to speed. It's completely free.


One of the best language learning apps is Memrise, an interactive and versatile application that, lesson after lesson, encourages you to learn English in a creative and unconventional way. Once again you'll have the possibility to choose from many modules, each one different from the other, and what makes Memrise so unique is the fact that each lesson has been written and designed by many users like you. This will allow you not only to test the improvement of your language, but also to retrace the steps of many students who, like you, have memorized the same lessons and the same words. Finally, you'll be able to download the lessons that interest you the most so you can dedicate yourself to studying the language anywhere, even where there is no reception. This application is free in its small version or alternatively you can pay for it for less than 4 euros per month.


Of the apps to learn English, Babbel is certainly the most famous and quoted. Ideal for those who want to use the English language professionally, it is a very good application, intuitive to use and perfect for those who want to learn English from scratch, as well as for those who simply need a refresher to keep in practice.

Like the other applications listed above, Babbel courses are divided into modules by levels, from basic to advanced. The only flaw is that it is fee-based except for the first lesson of each course. Rates range from monthly at €9.95 to semi-annual at €33.90 and annual at €59, 40. If you think the prices are high, however, always remember the savings that you have compared to a face-to-face lesson with a private teacher or in a language school.

English Listening

This application, unlike the others, is designed for those who have at least a basic knowledge of English, so from level A2 onwards. However, it is very well designed and is great for improving both written and spoken comprehension.

In this application you will not find written exercises or quizzes, but plenty of BBC radio broadcasts and radio dramas to listen to. These programs are also included in your chosen level to guide you further in learning English and are accompanied by useful subtitles to help you better understand spoken English. English Listening is completely free, and if you're looking for a more comprehensive course, be sure to visit the BBC learning English portal.


Of all the apps for learning to speak English, Wlingua is perhaps the most comprehensive and most stimulating to use. The secret? It's the 600+ lessons carefully prepared and designed by teachers that will guide you through learning English from the basic level (A1) all the way up to level B2.

This makes Wlingua suitable for both first-time learners and those who need a refresher. It is recommended for high school and college students because of its "active review" mode that allows you to go deeper into topics and memorize vocabulary.


Gamification and artificial intelligence are what make Xeropan unique among online English learning apps. The user finds himself immersed in an adventure through time with Professor Max. The objective is to collect points through exercises of different types and thus overcome the game levels: a challenge within the challenge of studying English. Among the proposed exercises, it is interesting to chat with the bot managed by Artificial Intelligence: you can write directly or record the voice and use the automatic transcription. The interlocutor is able to respond coherently and thus simulate various situations such as checking into a hotel, booking a cab or ordering at the bar. The app is available here as a free version or with a pro subscription.

Learning English Grammar

Here's another app you can't do without for your English studies. Learning English Grammar from the British Council offers you over 1,000 daily grammar questions and many other interactive activities such as quizzes, listening to radio programs, videos and other learning materials to make learning English fun and easy, from basic to beginner to advanced levels. Learning English Grammar is available on Google Play for free and online from the British Council website.

Reverso Translator

Want to go on a trip and don't speak English at all? Do you need to read a text or write an email and need a simple and immediate help? Reverso Translator is the ideal solution for this and other needs. Unlike more famous and quoted applications such as Google Translate or Lexilogos, Reverso Translator allows you not only to translate the most disparate phrases in a precise and accurate way, but also to extrapolate the phrase from its context, thanks to many examples, each one related to a well-defined field or scenario.

This makes Reverso Translator a valid tool both for high school and university students who are looking for a support to review their lessons, and for professionals and travelers who are looking for a simple, clear and always available application. A valuable companion for adventures that is unlikely to fail to translate sentences and texts in an inadequate manner.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is more than an application. It is a veritable institution of online English teaching. The name of this app is emblematic and naturally recalls the Rosetta Stone found in Egypt at the end of the 18th century and translated in the 19th century by the French archaeologist and Egyptologist Chapollion. For over twenty years, Rosetta Stone has been the most famous and widely used method of language learning and is successfully used by companies such as Fender, Calvin Klein, TripAdvisor or even NASA.

What thousands of users and companies appreciate every day about this application is the immediacy of the app's use and the simple and clear instructions that make you move with confident step even within the website. The secret is to teach the English language using only the English language. This will allow your ear to get used to hearing English words, and many images will accompany your lessons and guide you in learning even the most difficult words.

Dictionary Pro

Here's another online dictionary that you can't miss on your Smartphone.

Dictionary Pro, unlike the other applications described above, is focused on learning vocabulary and is also recommended if your Achilles heel is pronunciation and you'd like to improve it. Finally, it is ideal for long journeys thanks to the possibility of taking advantage of its offline capabilities.

Open Language

Open Language is a complete application that allows even the most novice of students to learn English at any level, from the basic A1 up to the C2 (expert) level. It is especially recommended for professionals since it contains entire Business English modules, as well as English for travel and English for everyday life. Finally, in addition to the usual modules, you'll find many in-depth chapters that will allow you to further consolidate your study of English.