Ranking of the best music players for Android

One of the main activities on electronic devices is listening to music, to hear your favorite tracks when going to work, waiting for the bus or on the subway. If until a few years ago MP3 players were very popular, today you can play your songs directly on your smartphone, thanks to a wide choice of digital music players, applications with many interesting features.

Music Players for Android: Music Player

One of the absolute best music players on Android is Music Player, a free app that is highly rated by users, who appreciate its quality and lack of ads. Its strong point is its excellent graphics with excellent contrasts, and it allows you to create custom playlists, listen to individual tracks or play entire albums, as well as providing a 5-band equalizer and search filters.

Music Players for Android: PowerAmp

A music player of equal standing is PowerAmp, a powerful and complete player for Android. The latest version has been completely updated, with the integration of an even better performing sound system, supports for high resolution, Android Auto and Google Assistant, with 10-band equalizer and reverb effect. Also nice are the elaborate graphics, compatibility with MP3, MP4, M4A, WMA and many other formats, the sampler and the playback system without pauses.

Music Players for Android: Musixmatch

Among the best Android music players there is also Musixmatch, an interesting application that, in addition to playing audio files, offers some special features that are very useful. For example, you can listen to music from Spotify, YouTube and Pandora, displaying the lyrics in the original language or the translated versions in Italian. There is also the Picture-in-Picture feature, which allows you to leave a thumbnail window and exit the app, in order to use other programs without interrupting playback, while the premium version also includes offline mode.

Music Players for Android: Winampt Music Player

A very popular app for users is Winampt Music Player, the latest version of which was released in June 2019. This media player is compatible with a lot of audio formats, including WAV, FAC, MP3 and MIDI, allows you to search for your favorite songs in albums, playlists or by genre, offers a rather effective 5-band equalizer and simple but functional graphics. All lists can be customized according to your needs, and the app supports any headphone model and Bluetooth connectivity.

Music Players for Android: n7player Music Player

Considered by many as the best music player for Android, n7player is a full-featured application with advanced features, available in both free and paid versions. It is one of the few apps that optimizes volume on its own in real time, an ideal solution especially for varied music libraries, with support for many formats such as MP4, MP3, OGG, AAC and WMA. n7player has a 10-band graphic equalizer, a bass amplifier and dynamic queues for tracks waiting to be played.

Music Players for Android: XenoAmp Music Player

A good alternative for Android is XenoAmp, a good quality music player that guarantees pleasant and smooth listening. The program has an equalizer to adjust the sound quality, with unlimited presets to set up, it is compatible with formats such as MP3, M4A, WMA, MPC and APE, and you can configure differentiated audio for dock stations, earphones and Android Auto. Of course, you can create playlists and search for music tracks by genre, name or album.

Music Players for Android: PlayerPro Music Player

In the dispute between the best Android music players there is also PlayerPro, a free app with in-app ads and a paid one without ads. This audio listening program is really packed with features, including a fade-in silent timer, notification sharing with your contacts, and headphone support. There's a fun shake option for changing tracks with a swipe of the smartphone, a choice of 5 different graphic designs, file import, music statistics and a 5-band equalizer.

Music Players for Android: Double Twist Player

Those who want to import music from Apple Music to Android can use Double Twist Player, a great solution for syncing Apple apps with their smartphone, or connecting it via USB or Wi-Fi to a Mac OS PC. It's a kind of all-inclusive app, offering a complete package of services from streaming music, photos and videos to creating dynamic playlists, including the ability to legally download high-definition album covers.

Music Players for Android: BlackPlayer

Available from the Google Play Store for free or in the premium version, BlackPlayer is an excellent music player app for Android, with widgets that let you start playback without opening the app. Among the most interesting features is the 5-band graphic equalizer, searches with filters, new custom playlists and Sleep Timer mode, to avoid falling asleep while leaving the track list playing. In addition, you can set the tracks as your phone's ringtone, customizing the alert quickly and easily.

Music Players for Android: Jamendo Music

Jamendo is a music player that boasts one of the largest libraries, with over 500 thousand tracks available to users who download the application on Google's Play Store. Within the catalog, you can listen to streaming tracks, or download them for free, without paying anything to download your favorite music. Another added feature is the 13 radio stations, each of which is dedicated to a musical genre, from Jazz to Pop, Classical to Rock, and even original compilations made by Jamendo.

Music Players for Android: VLC for Android

Although not considered one of the best music players for Android, VLC is actually a rather underrated application. In the store, it scores high marks, receiving the appreciation of many users who have been using this smartphone program for years and have always found it to be good. The free version of the app offers a functional and complete audio player without ads, as well as multi-track subtitles and support for all major formats, such as MKV, MP4, AVI and OGG.

Music Players for Android: Neutron Music Player

For those who want to download not only a music player, but also an advanced audio management system, Neutron Music Player is definitely the right app. The app offers 32- and 64-bit HD resolution playback, independent decoding, DAP program for bass modulation, playlist creation and graphic equalizer with 21 presets. The app is available for 5 days for free, after which you need to activate the subscription, however for those who like to tinker with audio it's definitely the right app.

Music Players for Android: Pi Music Player

Among the best Android music players we also point out Pi Music Player, an app that works perfectly as a music player, with 5-band equalizer, Bass Boost system, 3D reverb and 10 presets included. This smartphone program has a built-in File Manager, to find audio tracks quickly, plus there are 25 different backgrounds, 4 themes and a timer function to manage the time spent listening. The app is free and quite popular, plus it's compatible with the Android Auto system.

Music Players for Android: NRG Player

If you're looking for an app to connect to Android Auto you can also opt for NRG Player, a free program that can be downloaded at no extra cost from Google Play Store. The music player allows you to compress certain formats, to reduce the file size without losing the quality of the sound tracks, provides a 10-band equalizer with presets, with some features for effects and modulation of audio in headphones. The graphical interface can also be customized, with 5 categories for songs to be included in your playlists.

Music Players for Android: MP3 Player

An absolute must-have is MP3 Player, an excellent music player for Android that provides a top-notch aural experience. Through the app you can manage all the songs on your smartphone, adjust the sound with the graphic equalizer, adjust the bass and even add a reverb effect. There are several formats supported, including MP3, MIDI, APE, AAC and WAV, the playback order can be customized or random, plus you can share tracks with your contacts and create playlists according to your taste.

Music Players for Android: Music Player Audio Player

Music Player is a popular music player in the Google store, a free app that offers features such as automatic file scanning, 5-band equalizer, 22 presets and 20 different background images. This program works as a music player for Android smartphones, is compatible with headphones and Bluetooth connections, you can make playlists by artist, genre and album, edit the details of audio tracks and change tracks with a simple shake of the device.

Music Players for Android: Pulsar Music Player

The last app we'll point out, but not the least since it's a good music player, is Pulsar. This music media player for Android has a very good quality graphical interface, with animations and the ability to customize each new user profile. Among the most interesting features are quick searches, smart playlists with tracks indicated by preferences, playback without pause, folder creation and automatic shutdown with timer.