Raspberry Pi Zero W, the 10 euro mini computer with Wi-Fi

The UK company is famous for creating small calculators, ideal for making basic robots, and now it has designed one with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Imagine a computer about the size of a piece of paper, equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and costing only 10 euros. This is the latest project born in the Raspberry Pi house. It is the Raspberry Pi Zero W. Basically the evolution of the already famous Raspberry Pi Zero, the 5 euro computer from the UK company.

Raspberry Pi computers are calculators implemented on a single electronic board. Compared to its predecessor, the Pi Zero launched in 2015, the Pi Zero W does not feature a USB port or an Ethernet connection, but in return it has Wi-Fi, only 2.4GHz. And it also supports Bluetooth 4.0. Two aspects that made the price almost double, from five to nine euros. This is also the year of the fifth anniversary for the company that began selling its particular computers since 2012. For the occasion there will also exist 15 euro packages of calculators with small additional features.

Features Raspberry Pi Zero W

Pi Zero and Pi Zero W have the same BCM2835 single-core chip, with the difference that the latest arrival has the speed of 1GHz compared to 700MHz of the predecessor. As far as RAM is concerned we have 512MB at our disposal. There is a connector for the CSI camera. And in some variants there are Mini-HDMI and USB On-The-Go ports. The computer will have three covers, one compact, and two with a hole for connecting with the camera. There are no specific prices for these covers as the company does not make them. The small size of these computers make them perfect for building simple robots and other similar devices.