Raybaby the smart baby monitor that monitors baby’s health. Photo

Equipped with some special sensors, RayBaby can monitor baby's breathing. On the market in September for $250.

If you're a parent, you've probably done it, too: checking over and over again to see if your baby is breathing. To help you sleep soundly, technology is taking the field by developing a smart device that can monitor a newborn's breathing.

The new device also has another advantage: it frees the baby from the many wearables that parents use to watch over the baby's health. Raybaby is not just a baby monitor, but in fact includes some amazing features. It has a camera, which the device uses to send real-time images to parents, and it is equipped with sensors that allow you to monitor the baby's breathing. A group of young engineers from India worked on the idea and to finance the product they launched a campaign on Kickstarter, one of the main crowdfunding platforms.

Tracks breath at a distance of 5 meters

(Taken from Kickstarter)

The device promises to track breath with an accuracy that, according to the company, is close to perfection. And you don't even need to keep the baby monitor close to your little one. In fact, the smart device is able to perform its checks even at a distance of five meters. And if the baby is not visible? Don't worry, Raybaby uses a sophisticated technology that includes some sensors capable of detecting every single movement. But that's not all. Above all, the device is intelligent: in fact, it is able to understand when to warn the parent, as in the case of awakening. In addition, according to the startup, the device is also very useful for detecting the first signs of fever.

Raybaby sends data on sleep quality

Parents will be able to control the device via smartphone. Raybaby will frequently send a variety of information that will then also help understand the quality of the child's sleep. The device is also able to choose which images and videos to transmit to parents: not only alarming content, but also moments of joy. What makes this device stand out is a very advanced audio-video system that includes UWB radar sensors, a video camera, a microphone and built-in speakers. And of course Wi-Fi.

Launch date and price

As mentioned, the startup has promoted a campaign on Kickstarter and among the backers stands out especially Johnson & Johnson. The company hopes to launch Raybaby on the market in September 2017 at a price of $250 (just over 230 euros at current exchange rates), while for backers of the device the cost drops to $99 (just over $90 at current exchange rates) .