Realme designs a wireless charger that looks like the MagSafe of the iPhone 12

Realme is ready to follow in Apple's footsteps on magnetic wireless charging: name already filed at the patent office, photos of the first prototypes

The presentation of the MagSafe wireless charger a year ago seems to have made proselytes. The system conceived by Apple for the wireless recharge of its iPhones - for now the 12, but presumably of all those that will arrive in the future - for some ways has proved ingenious, so much to have pushed Realme to study the realization of a similar system for its products.

MagDart would be called according to the rumors the system of Realme, a company that we remember is controlled by the Chinese giant, group that among the others also owns OnePlus and Vivo. The name seems to be the fusion of magnetic, in English magnetic, and Dart Charge, ie Realme's technology for fast charging via cable, but the more pungent think that the first part may have been borrowed from Apple's MagSafe, as the idea for the accessory of the rest. The name MagDart has already been filed by Realme at Euipo, basically the European patent office, but it is not the only clue that suggests an Apple-like solution for wireless magnetic charging by Realme.

MagDart, the wireless charger "Apple-style"

The rumors, especially Gizmochina, have managed to get their hands on some images depicting what should be prototypes of the MagDart system by Realme. It seems in fact that the company has evaluated two different options, one more similar in principle to the Apple one, the other more daring although less comfortable or tapered.

On the one hand there is in fact a circular magnetic charger that the source describes as thinner than the Apple one, on the other hand a bulkier system that should have more interesting technical features and a much higher charging power.

In the first case we should equalize the power of the Apple system, which provides up to 15 watts, but it is not excluded that Realme can work so that you can go beyond to demonstrate its capabilities.

Possible a MagDart as fast as the cable recharges

In the second one, instead, the situation appears very different since the first glance: on the lower part of the possible MagDart of Realme there is in fact a grid that in all probability serves to favor the air circulation that would serve to maintain acceptable temperatures during the process.

As the power increases, in fact, the wireless charging ends up generating much more heat than the traditional cable charging, so it is necessary to have an effective air circulation, perhaps with an active dissipation through a fan, to keep as high as possible the charging power and nevertheless to ensure that the process remains safe.

The source didn't provide any specifications or even an estimate of the performance that a less design-conscious but technically capable MagDart could deliver, perhaps even matching the power offered by many wired fast-charging systems.

It would be good news for the entire Android landscape if Realme introduced a similar system, though we don't know when that would happen.