Realme prepares its first 4K stick with Google TV

Google Chromecast may soon have a rival. It is the 4K stick with Google TV by Realme, which seems ready to debut in India and, perhaps, also on the international market

Smart TVs are increasingly popular, and the market is full of interesting proposals coming from many manufacturers, traditional as Panasonic that has presented new ones recently or recently arrived on the market as Xiaomi, which is now projected towards the first place in the smartphone sector but presides over every other sector of electronics, including that of smart TVs.

The software included in this kind of devices, however, is not always perfect or compatible with the service you want to use, not to mention that not all televisions still working are smart, especially those in holiday homes. Therefore, at the same time as the spread of smart TVs, the spread of smart keys is also increasing, small, portable and low-cost devices that through an HDMI input can modernize even devices with a certain age. In this market, various manufacturers such as Amazon with Fire TV Stick or Realme, which according to rumors is ready to launch a 4K stick with Google TV.

Realme's 4K stick coming to India

Realme's 4K stick with Google TV is not official nor has the project been confirmed by the company, but an image of such a device produced by Realme has appeared on Flipkart's portal which is unheard of.

Flipkart is one of the largest consumer electronics retailers - probably the largest - operating in India. The chain will soon open its doors for Big Billion Days, a series of shopping days filled with interesting Black Friday-style deals.According to what we learn, it's during the event that Realme might make its 4K flash drive official. There is no other information, except the few that can be deduced from the image: the product will have an HDMI output for connecting to the TV and a USB-C port for power.

Realme is one of the strongest brands in India, a region that is rapidly expanding economically. For this reason, many of the company's tech products are made official in the Asian region and only later are they distributed elsewhere.

Realme's 4K stick could follow exactly this path, i.e. first in India and then to arrive in other markets.

Realme 4K stick alternative to Chromecast

The Realme 4K stick, if it were to be made official as it seems, will be the first alternative to Google Chromecast with Google TV, an operating system designed for use on televisions, then focused on content, which in fact represents the evolution of Android TV. The organization of Google TV is therefore very rational: there are several sections, some customized on the user's tastes and preferences, others dedicated to the various categories of applications designed for use on televisions.

According to some, Google TV represents a big step forward compared to Android TV. The problem is that it's a new environment, so it's not very widespread: for the moment Google TV is included in some TVs from Sony and TCL and of course on Google Chromecast, but soon Realme's 4K stick could join the count.