Record an Android screen with or without app

Do you want to know how to record the screen of a Samsung or Huawei Android smartphone? Read the article! Find out the methods to make it using apps or not.

Sometimes you may need to record the Android screen by making a video of it, to make a tutorial or presentation to post on your social channels or website. How to do it? Nowadays it's a pretty simple action, with or without special applications that allow it. In short, from home screen to video games, everything you do on your Android screen can be recorded, even adding voice comments.

Apps for recording an Android screen

There are many apps out there that are useful for recording your Android screen in an easy and intuitive way. Here are the main ones.

ADV Screen Recorder

One of the most used and named Android screen recording apps is ADV Screen Recorder and is considered one of the best apps of its kind. It's a free application that contains numerous functions: from capturing audio through the phone's microphone, so you can record a voice presentation in real time, to the possibility of inserting a box with the shot taken by the camera. You can then add annotations, drawings and other materials. However, it is only compatible with the Android 5.0 operating system and beyond.

Rec Screen Recorder

Another very useful app for recording videos from your Android screen is called Rec Screen Recorder. It is available in a free version, with ads, and in a paid version, where there are no banners and extra features are included. After starting it and setting the relevant preferences, you can start recording. You can set the resolution, the maximum duration, the file name, decide whether to add an audio recording.

Mobizen Screen Recorder

Among the most popular applications for Android screen recording, there is undoubtedly also Mobizen Screen Recorder. Again, this is a free app that allows a maximum video resolution of 720p. It includes numerous tools to customize recordings, including the ability to show your face by recording from the front-facing camera.

Recording Android screen without apps

For those who don't want to download apps or can't get them to work, there are systems for recording Android screen without apps. These systems are useful for those who, for example, have an old version of Android that does not support apps. In these cases there is a somewhat complex but feasible procedure. You need to enable the "Android developer" options and activate the "USB debugging" and "Show touches" entries. Then install the ADB Universal Installer on your computer, which allows you to administer Android. Then connect your smartphone to the computer and give the ok to debug it. At this point through a command window you run the command adb devices to see if the Android device is recognized. At this point you must type the command: adb shell screenrecord -verbose ./sdcard/screencast-video.mp4. When you are done recording, just stop the recording with Ctrl + C keys.

Screen Recording for Samsung and Huawei

Some smartphone brands have specific features to record the Android screen. For example, to record the Huawei's screen, you just need to use the screen record feature, which allows you to record in a video the operations performed on the smartphone. To record the screen of the Samsung, and in particular the Galaxy S9+ and S10 models, you can use the pre-installed Game Launcher application, which allows you to access additional commands, such as screen recording.