Redmi K40 Pro has 3D audio and a 120 Hz display

Of Redmi K40 Pro we now know almost everything: technical features, cameras, battery, price and presentation date.

A few days before the official launch, the confirmations from the manufacturer continue to arrive on the features of Redmi K40 Pro. The new flagship smartphone, available for the market from February 25, will count on 3D audio and a display with 120 Hz refresh rate.

Just a few days ago Redmi had used its official account on Weibo, Chinese social microblogging platform, to preview the news of another key component of its next phone. At the center of attention, the centerpiece of the photo/video compartment of the new K40 series, namely the triple rear camera equipped with artificial intelligence that the most advanced model Redmi K40 Pro will share with the basic version, Redmi K40 (but there might be some differences in the resolution of the main sensor: 108 versus 64 MP). The news immediately piqued the interest of the followers of the brand, waiting for the presentation event set in the calendar for next Thursday.

Redmi K40 Pro, 3D audio and 120Hz display

The technology that characterizes the audio of the smartphone, as well as that of the entire series, is called Dolby Atmos and uses a special system that allows sounds to be managed no longer as simple channels, but as real three-dimensional objects. Through special algorithms, Atmos metadata is transformed into 360-degree binaural sound for a completely new listening experience.

As for the Redmi K40 Pro's display, an Amoled E4 screen with a 2.8mm punch hole for the front camera, the choice of 120Hz refresh rate lays the groundwork for particularly high video quality and fluidity. In fact, refresh rates of this magnitude allow you to be able to display streams of images smoother and sharper than lower values, especially if accompanied by equally advanced fps that avoid annoying phenomena of screen tearing.

Redmi K40 Pro, the other features

Among other information already confirmed by Xiaomi there are those relating to the SoC Snapdragon 888 and the battery, with a capacity of 4520 mAh and support for fast charging at 33W. No less important is the design feature that emerged from one of the posters shared always by the official profile.

From the image you can clearly see a particular texture on the back of the smartphone, able to evoke the image of water. In addition to a pleasant visual effect, this choice could help to make the back surface less slippery and more adherent to the hand, reducing the risk of falling.

Redmi K40 Pro: how much does it cost

The price has also been confirmed by the General Manager of Redmi, Lu Weibing. The starting figure for the Chinese market will be 2999 yuan, just over 380 euros. For the rest of the world, however, we will have to wait for the official presentation in the stores of the brand and in authorized stores.

For sure, in Europe Redmi K40 Pro will cost much more than it does in China, as has already happened to its almost twin Xiaomi Mi 11.

Bearing in mind that Mi 11 is sold in China at the equivalent of 500 euros (basic version) and in Europe at 799 euros for Redmi K40 Pro is assumed that the European price is unlikely to be less than 500-550 euros.