Redmi K40 Pro is coming and will have three cameras with AI

First official image and first confirmed technical specifications for the new top of the range Redmi: here's what the K40 and K40 Pro look like.

The two models of the new Redmi K40 series are now on the home stretch. What has increased the anticipation, however, is the news, which came just a few hours ago from the social channels of Xiaomi, regarding the photographic compartment of the devices. The Redmi K40 Pro and K40 will in fact have three cameras, equipped with artificial intelligence.

As is now customary, the Chinese company has chosen to spread the announcement of the presentation of the new series through its social profile on the Weibo platform, where the public immediately poured in looking for more information on the two flagship models. In addition to exploiting some catchy definitions that aim to enhance the power of the performance of Redmi K40 Pro and K40, Xiaomi preferred to keep absolute secrecy about how AI has been applied to the advanced photo module integrated in the devices of the upcoming series. All, in all likelihood, however, will be revealed during the event now expected in days.

Redmi K40 Pro, how the camera will be

As anticipated, to make the difference for this series will be - among other elements - the photographic compartment, thanks to a triple module equipped with artificial intelligence. Specifically, the small block located in the upper left corner of the back of the smartphone will host two large lenses, vertically aligned and protruding from the surface.

Between the two main lenses, there is also a third hole that serves as a housing for an additional sensor. About the fourth, arranged next to the previous one, no information is yet available. To the right of the lenses, will be inserted the flash to be used in case of low light of the scene.

Redmi K40 Pro, technical characteristics

According to information already confirmed by the manufacturer, the flagship smartphone in the series will mount as a SoC a Snapdragon 888 from Qualcomm. Among other specifications, confirmed by the certifying body TENAA, there are those relating to the battery, with a maximum capacity of 4500mAh and Android 11 as the operating system.

Last, at least for now, but not least important is the screen. It would be, according to the Chinese entity, an AMOLED display with fingerprint reader arranged below the top layer. At the top, in a central position, there is instead the punch hole dedicated to the front camera.

Redmi K40 Pro, launch date

The official information of Redmi has set the date for the launch to next February 25. During the event, the K40 version and the more advanced variant K40 Pro will be presented to the public. Some rumors also speak of a third model, unofficially called Redmi K40S, which could peep right during the presentation. On this, however, neither Xiaomi nor the most informed leakers have provided any information.