Redmi Note 10 and 10 Pro, new low-cost smartphones coming

Redmi is ready to launch the Redmi Note 10 and Redmi Note 10 Pro on the market. Mid-range smartphones with the MediaTek Dimensity 820 5G chipset on board

Not even time to taste the new Redmi Note 9 and Redmi Note 9 Pro, that it's already time for the Redmi Note 10 and Redmi Note 10 Pro. In recent years, Redmi has accustomed us to a continuous generational change, especially in the mid-range range. Every year are launched at least a couple of versions of the Redmi Note series and it will be so even in 2020.

There is still no officiality from the Chinese company, but the two devices have already received certification from TENAA, the Chinese certification body, a mandatory step for the release on the Asian market. But that's not all. The two smartphones have also appeared on Geekbench, a platform used to test the performance of devices. Thanks to the data on the site for benchmarks, we also know some technical characteristics of the smartphone. On board there will almost certainly be the new MediaTek Dimensity 820 chipset, which will ensure support for the 5G network. Clues also on the possible date of presentation, which could be as early as next week.

Technical data sheet Redmi Note 10 and Redmi Note 10 Pro

Monopolize the mid-range market by always launching new devices. This is the strategy adopted by Redmi in recent years and that is giving the company several satisfactions. That's why the imminent launch of the Redmi Note 10 and Redmi Note 10 Pro just a few months after the previous models should come as no surprise.

The two new smartphones have already appeared on Geekbench and some technical features have also been revealed. On board will definitely be the MediaTek Dimensity 820G chipset, a mid-range processor that also supports 5G. To support 6-8GB of RAM and 64 or 128GB of internal storage. The screen, in both models, will be 6.5 or 6.7 inches with FullHD resolution.

The differences will be mainly at the level of the photographic compartment, with the presence of three sensors on the Redmi Note 10 and four cameras on the Redmi Note 10 Pro. For the moment we do not know the characteristics of the individual sensors, but almost certainly the main one will be 64 megapixels. Battery of at least 4500mAh.

When the Redmi Note 10 and the Redmi Note 10 Pro come out

According to Mukul Sharma, a well-known leaker who has always had excellent information about the Redmi world, it should not be long before the presentation of the two devices that could take place already next week. Logically, this is the launch in China, for Europe you have to wait a while '. Some indirect confirmations also come from home Xiaomi: the CEO of the company has published on its Weibo account, very popular partner in China, images taken from a new device that will be launched in the coming weeks. Could it be the Redmi Note 10?