Redmi Note 11 coming soon: everything we know

Redmi Note 11 is coming next October 28, but many of its main features are already known thanks to... Redmi

Redmi continues to invest in its product range, and although the company born from Xiaomi is already among the most appreciated in the market for the high value for money of its products, you can't say that it tries to rest on its laurels. Next on the calendar is Redmi Note 11, from which we expect a lot.

Redmi has already announced that the presentation of its new product will take place on October 28, and in the last few hours it has "had fun" to anticipate fans some of the solutions that will be used on a smartphone that, in all likelihood, will prove to be the usual sales champion. Much of the information that we know in advance with respect to Redmi Note 11 we know by means of the company itself, which, after announcing the presence of fast charging from as much as 120 watts, in recent hours has announced others focusing in particular on the display: if these are the premises, will be among the best in its category.

The display of Redmi Note 11 will be magnificent

On Redmi Note 11 there will be for the first time an AMOLED screen produced by Samsung - which in terms of screens certainly has little to envy to the competition - with the pixels arranged in a diamond pattern. This design trick is one of the most refined on the market today, so you can expect image quality superior to anything seen so far on the Redmi Note series.

As if that wasn't enough, the Redmi Note 11's display will support the DCI-P3 color gamut, which means high color accuracy, will have a filter for blue lights that strain the eyes considerably, and a 360-degree brightness sensor that, according to the company, increases the speed with which the screen adapts its brightness when you switch from one condition to another, for example when you get home in the summer.

The previews provided directly by Redmi also focused on an aspect that is very much felt today. The refresh rate of the display in fact comes to 120 Hz and that of the sampling of the touch to 360 Hz, values that are usually reserved for high-end products and that meet the needs of those who want to play on smartphones without giving up anything. It goes in the same direction the presence of a pair of JBL speakers.

Redmi Note 11 will be a very modern smartphone

The designers have also devoted much of their work to the aesthetics of the product. In fact, the ratio of the screen to the total front surface area is one of the most pushed ever on the Redmi Note series, thanks to the tapering of the unsightly black bezels around the display that now measure just 1.75 millimeters.

And even the hole in the display that contains the camera for selfies and video calls has been borrowed from the prized Redmi K40 series, so as to be as small and unobtrusive as possible: it has a diameter of no more than 3 millimeters.

In short, if Redmi's goal was to raise expectations ahead of its next product, it certainly chose the ideal way to do it.