Released Play Protect, the Google tool to protect Android

Google has begun to distribute Play Protect: it will allow to examine installed apps and block the download of harmful ones from the Google Play Store

That Google cares about the computer security of its users is certainly not news, especially on Android, lately targeted continuously by hackers. Mountain View, in order to make hackers' lives even more difficult, has released Play Protect.

This is a system, consisting of a series of services, whose sole purpose is to protect Android from malicious applications. The tool is designed, in fact, to recognize and block the presence of malicious programs on the devices of users of the green robot. This will make it much harder for hackers to carry out attacks on Android. Play Protect continuously scans the device for possible malicious apps and above all verifies that the software in the Play Store is safe before being downloaded. It's a sort of double-check, considering that all apps on Google's market are scanned at the source.

How Play Protect works

As mentioned, Google's system periodically scans your Android device and examines whether any of the installed apps have any security issues. If the result is positive, Play Protect immediately blocks the malicious application and notifies the user, who will then decide whether or not to remove it. And that's not all. The new tool from the California-based company can also automatically delete the dangerous app. Also in this case, Play Protect will send a notification.

In addition, to prevent a malicious app from fooling not only the Play Store control systems, but also users - there are several malicious apps discovered in the official Android store - Play Protect checks its security before the download is made.

How to check that Play Protect is active

To check that Google's security service is active, you just need to go first to Android's settings and, then,  to "Google". Next, just press on "Security" and "App Verification". Finally, make sure that the "Scan device for security threats" option is on.