Relive, bike rides come to life on an animated map

The app, created by Dutch startup Relive, allows you to combine photos, GPS and physical activity data to create 3D videos

Imagine turning your out-of-town trip, vacation or bike ride into a 3D video to share on social media. This operation, thanks to the Dutch startup Relive, is no longer a figment of your imagination. All this will be possible thanks to the Meet Relive app.

The application combines data recorded with smartphones, or smartwatches, related to position, navigation and activities performed and combines them with photos taken during the route to generate nice 3D videos related to our training.  The application has already been used by some professional cyclists to document their progress during the last edition of the Tour de France. The most important number are the more than half a million registered users and 100 thousand videos posted per day on the app.

How Meet Relive works

Yousef El-Dardiry, co-founder of the app explains: "The idea for the app was born during a bike ride with a group of friends while we were on vacation in Tenerife. From that moment on, we realized that an application capable of automatically generating 3D videos of our vacations or activities could be very successful and we set out to achieve this goal. The application is very useful if we are bike lovers, but it can also do its job perfectly if used during trips or long walks. It can also be very useful to discover, through your friends, new routes and new roads to take to reach wonderful places and breathtaking views. In order to continue on its growth path, the Relive app was recently funded with a million dollars by a large group of investors.