Remodulations Tre, what changes for users from January 7, 2020

Tre is notifying some users about the switch to the new offer Tre Basic: here's what it is and who will be affected

The year 2019 is coming to an end and already changes are expected for next year, especially in the mobile world. Between the arrival of new mobile operators (Spusu) and remodulations of old tariffs, users will have to be very careful. The first to announce changes in their offers is Tre that from January 7, 2020 will change the contractual conditions for some customers.

The affected customers have already received a special notification via SMS in the early days of December. The message communicates that the offer changes due to the unsustainability of the current plan and the new one will be called Tre Basic.

Rimodulations tariff plans: what does Tre Basic offer?

Tre Basic is the new tariff that will be applied to users from January 7, 2020. What will it offer? First of all, national calls will cost 30 cents per minute, with 20 cents for the connection charge. SMS will cost 30 euro cents each, while the data connection will cost 20 euro cents for every 20 MB consumed, and there will be no session opening charge. If the user remains inactive for 10 minutes, the session is considered expired.

Browsing on the App&Store will cost 9 euro cents for each page visited, to these are excluded the error pages. Browsing the pages of Customer Area 3 will be free. Before purchasing, the system will show the cost of each content in the App&Store.

Tre has also announced the cost of sending e-mails, which will cost 15.25 cents. But for those with a weight greater than 6Kb you will pay 0.41 euro cents per Kb. You will be able to receive emails in the form of a message, or via the Internet, using your cell phone as a modem.

New customers can take advantage of the 4G LTE option, which allows you to have a faster and more stable data connection called 4G LTE by 3. This is also accessible for offers to end consumers and those with VAT activated from April 1, 2019. Three customers can use the LTE connection at a cost of 1 euro per month.