Resident Evil, official the Netflix TV series: plot and previews

Netflix announced the arrival of the TV series dedicated to Resident Evil: here's what we know and when it will be released

With a post published on its social channels Netflix announced the arrival of a new TV series. And so far nothing strange, it is a practice that the streaming platform always uses. This time the peculiarity is the topic on which the TV series is about: Resident Evil. The famous video game saga of Capcom is ready to debut on the small screen and become a real TV series.

To edit the TV series will be Andrew Dabb, former writer of Supernatural, while the production is entrusted to Constantin Film. The first season has already been commissioned and will consist of eight episodes with an average duration of 40-50 minutes. The setting will be typical of the video game: survival horror able to capture the user's attention from the beginning. They are also leaked the first anticipations on what will be the plot and where the story will be set. The protagonists will be the sisters Jade and Billie Wasker and the story will be centered on New Raccoon City. Here's everything we know.

Resident Evil, TV series previews

The protagonists of the new Netflix TV series will be sisters Jade and Billie Wesker. The story will have two timelines: the first when the two sisters are fourteen years old, the second after almost twenty years, when Jade is thirty. During this time everything has changed: the T virus has infected six billion people, turning them into monsters. But let's go in order.

The first timeline concerns Jade and Billie's move to the city of New Racoon City. They soon realize that the city is hiding something and that there are secrets to discover.

The second timeline, however, takes the story forward fifteen years, after there are only fifteen million people left on Earth. As many as six billion have been infected by the T Virus that has turned them into monsters. And the same happened to the animals. Jade has still survived, but she will have to deal with her past that continues to haunt her.

When is the TV series on Resident Evil coming out

Netflix has shown the image of the script of the first episode of the TV series on Resident Evil. Probably in the coming weeks will begin filming, but a date for release is still unknown. Almost certainly will have to wait for the second half of 2021.