RoBoHon the robot-smartphone from Sharp that recognizes emotions

Sharp launches RoBoHon in Europe, a nineteen centimeter tall robot capable of distinguishing people's faces thanks to its integrated camera

After its launch in Japan, Sharp is ready to bring RoBoHon, the small robot-smartphone capable of interacting with users and helping them in their daily activities, to the United States and Europe. Thanks to the voice synthesizer, RoBoHon can respond to people's requests and mark events in the calendar.

Although the shape resembles a small robot, RoBoHon is in every way a smartphone: it can connect to the Internet via the built-in 4G modem and bringing it to the ear will be able to make calls. In addition, in the back there is a small screen with which to interact with applications installed through the Google Play Store (the device is based on the Android Lollipop operating system). Just over nineteen centimeters high, it can be carried comfortably in your bag or placed on your desk as a voice assistant for work.

Technical features of RoBoHon

(Taken from YouTube)

RoBoHon mounts a Snapdragon 400 processor and 2 GB of RAM that allow the little robot to respond quite quickly to user requests. In addition, the device also features an 8-megapixel camera with which the robot recognizes the faces around it and the mood of people: if a person is in a bad mood it will try to cheer him up. With the camera it will also be possible to take pictures to be projected on a flat surface through the small projector integrated in RoBoHon. But the most interesting feature of the robot is definitely the ability to interact with users and provide assistance during the day: RoBoHon alerts when a meeting is about to start and is able to answer questions about the weather and appointments in the agenda.

Quando arriverà in Italia

Molto probabilmente sarà impossibile acquistare RoBoHon nel Bel Paese: infatti le uniche due lingue riconosciute dal sintetizzatore vocale sono l’inglese e il giapponese: difficilmente Sharp spenderà dei soldi per inserire altri idiomi. Il prezzo di lancio negli Stati Uniti è molto vicino ai 1800 dollari, sicuramente non alla portata di tutte le tasche.

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