RokBlok, the portable vinyl turntable that fits in your pocket

Vinyl records are experiencing a second youth. If you don't want to miss a chance to listen to them even when you're out and about, the Rokblok is for you

The RokBlok is a rather creative, as well as curious, vinyl record player looking for funding on Kickstarter. It's a small wooden block that literally rides the "waves" of vinyl while also featuring the classic "stylus" and a built-in speaker to play audio. You don't need a platter, you just need a flat surface and once it starts you'll be mesmerized to watch it spin, spin and spin on old LPs. Nothing like a real system for listening to the unmistakable sound of vinyl records, with that subtle background rustle and a few jumps here and there. RokBlok, however, is a good compromise, for those who have records - perhaps inherited - also because it is portable.

Vinyl player with Bluetooth connection

The idea of RokBlok is reminiscent of the VW Soundwagon, another portable turntable made - not so many years ago - in Japan. This gadget in the shape of a camper turned, like RokBlok, autonomously on the discs spreading the music through a small speaker of dubious quality. RokBlok, on the other hand, has a Bluetooth connection, making it possible to pair it with a higher-quality speaker.

(taken from Kickstarter)

Beware of scratches on records

The comparison between RokBlok and VW Soundwagon wasn't made at random: the latter was nicknamed the "vinyl killer" because the weight of the wagon inexorably ruined records. Logan Riley, the creator of RokBlok, started with this very problem and claims to have solved it. His portable player is equipped with rubber wheels and the center does not rest on the stylus precisely to avoid possible scratches. Riley claims to have tested his prototype on an LP "several hundred times" without causing any damage.

How much does Rokblok cost

RokBlok, as mentioned, is currently available on Kickstarter at the promotional price of $59, but once it goes into production - if it raises enough funds - it will cost $99. Shipping, if all goes smoothly, is scheduled to begin in September of next year.

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