Ronaldo disappears from Fifa 19: EA deletes him from the site

The developer EA Sports has decided to remove the Juventus footballer from the cover thumbnail on the official website

It's not a great period for Cristiano Ronaldo. At least as far as his personal life is concerned. While on the field the Juventus footballer continues to grind out plays and assists (and even some goals, from time to time), in the last few days CR7 has seen the reopening of the case for an alleged rape that took place 10 years ago in Las Vegas, in the United States.

Beyond all the possible legal consequences - in the state of Nevada, where the alleged rape took place, the punishment ranges from 15 years in prison to life imprisonment - Cristiano Ronaldo must also deal with the reactions of sponsors. While Nike has said it is following the case closely, U.S. software house EA Sports took immediate action. The image of Cristiano Ronaldo has in fact been deleted from the thumbnail of the Fifa 19 cover that appears on the company's portal. At the same time, EA Sports has reiterated its desire to have "ambassadors who embody the values of our company".

Fifa 19 and Cristiano Ronaldo, the story of a love never born

The one between CR7 and Fifa 19 is a love never fully blossomed. Chosen as the image of the title for the second year in a row, the new Juventus footballer has complicated the gestation of the game when he decided to say goodbye to Real Madrid and settle in Turin. We were in August and the development of the game was practically complete, or almost. The developers, therefore, were forced to rework the title to modify both the graphics in game as well as the animations at the beginning of the game. In short, a major problem, which had even made us fear that the launch of the game had to be postponed for a few weeks to give time to the graphics to review everything. Instead, the title came out respecting the initial schedule, but the legal misadventure that awaits Ronaldo in the States could again complicate the situation.